Shizuko Iwahara



4 months, 26 days ago


Basic Info:

- Full Name: Shizuko Iwahara(岩原静子)

- Nickname(s): N/A

- Species: Human

- Age: 20

- Gender: Female

- Ethnicity: Japanese

- Birthdate: March 19th, 1999

- Sexual orientation: Straight

- Occupation: Student, 

- Original Hometown: Minoh, Osaka

 - Current hometown: San Francisco, California

Physical Info:

- Height: 5ft 5in

- Weight: 140lbs

- Eye Color: Brown

- Hair Color: White

- Body type: Slim

- Piercings: None

- Tattoos: None

Personality: On the outside, Shizuko is a loud, mean, and stubborn girl, which, along with her looks, attract most guys. But on the inside, she is a caring, soft-spoken girl that wants real affection from her S/O. Wants to be a housewife after marriage.


- Knows how to cook

- Soft Spoken

- Easy to talk to

- Affectionate

- Paints her nails in stupid colors 

- Speaks Japanese with a hard Osakan accent


- Very hardheaded and stubborn

- Rash at times

- Impulsive

- Easy to set off temper 

- Will go off on anyone who talks down upon Yuuto. May result in a fight. 

- Kind of a flirt, and is really conscious of it. Makes Yuuto jealous sometimes. 


- She had gotten into a falling out with her parents, and they basically disowned her. So she moved out, and with the savings in her bank account, she made had rented an apartment to live in. But even after she moved in, she was incredibly lonely, and since she was still going to school, she started to go out with a bunch of guys, breaking up and going out with them on a whim. Even though she has the reputation of being like a slut, she just wants to have someone be by her side, but she’s yet to find someone like that.


- Family: 1 mother, father, and 2 younger brothers. 

- Friends:

- Kenta Kobayashi

- Akemi Takeji

- Husband/Boyfriend:

- Yuuto Nijimura 


- Dogs

- Flowers

- Stuff that's pink

- Crepes

- Candy

- Anime

- Expensive Name Brand Clothes

- "High End" Restaurants

- Whatever Yuuto buys her

- Yuuto’s family

- Wearing Yuuto's clothes

- Singing lullabies to Yuuto


- Fake Affection

- Disloyal People

- Liars

- Beyblades

- Loud music early in the morning

- Her dad's cooking.