Akemi Takeji



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Basic Info:

- Full Name: Akemi Takeji (健二アケミ)

- Nickname(s): N/A

- Species: Human

- Age: 19

- Gender: Female

- Ethnicity: Japanese

- Birthdate: June 20th, 1999

- Sexual orientation: Straight

- Occupation: Student

- Original Hometown: Ayabe, Kyoto

- Current hometown: San Francisco, California

Physical Info:

- Height: 5ft 3in 

- Weight: 140lbs

- Eye Color: Red

- Hair Color: Black

- Body type: Slim

- Piercings: None

- Tattoos: None

Personality: Often times aloof. Soft-spoken and never really one to speak when she isn’t needed to. Very hard to get to open up. But when she does, she’s very open and likes to talk about how she feels with her friends. But, if you aren’t her friend, she’ll most likely respond with one to a few words. She cares about her family and friends a lot, and is worrisome when either comes down sick. 


- Short

- Quiet

- Caring

- Worrisome.

- Natural beauty. She doesn't need to put on makeup to make herself look better and in the off chance she does, it's usually very minimal and only enhances her already good features. 

- Double Eyelids


- Short

- Blunt

- Can’t cook

- Really can’t cook

- Kind of clueless on how to put on full-face makeup. IE: Foundation, Eye shadow, blush. That kind of stuff. Just asks Shizuko to do it for her.

- A huge grumpypants. 


- During the first two years of middle school, she was bullied and was desperate for a friend. In her desperation, she took the beatings her bullies dished out, and followed their every order, often times just taking the punishment for what she was told to do. Even though she did what they said, nothing changed. When she went home, she went home, bruised, battered, and lonely. But this all changed in 8th grade, when the student council created the anime club. When she joined, for the first time, she was welcomed with open arms, and during her 8th grade year, she finally had friends. After they graduated, they made sure to go to the same school. During her sophomore year, stress had become too much for her, so she took up smoking as a way to deal with stress, and it ended up becoming a terrible habit. 


- Family: 1 mother, father, 1 older sister, 1 younger sister.

- Friends from old middle school club
- Yuuto Nijimura
- Shizuko Iwahara

- S/O: Kenta Kobayashi


- Instant Noodles

- Anime

- Potato Chips

- Her friends

- Cats


- Loud Cars

- Sad Anime

- Her Smoking Addiction

- Weak-Minded People

- Caked on makeup.