Kenta Kobayashi



7 months, 28 days ago


- Basic Info:

- Full Name: Kenta Kobayashi (小林健太)

- Nickname(s): N/A

- Species: Human

- Age: 18

- Gender: Male

- Ethnicity: Japanese

- Birth date: December 5th, 2000

- Sexual orientation: Straight

- Occupation: Student

- Original Hometown: Numata, Gunma

- Current hometown: San Francisco, California

Physical Info:

- Height: 5ft 9in 

- Weight: 165lbs

- Eye Color: Black

- Hair Color: White

- Body type: Slim

- Piercings: None

- Tattoos: None

Personality: Doesn’t think highly of himself, likes thinks that he’s not good at anything, even though he is. Very shy and timid, doesn’t like to meet new people. More often than not, Kenta likes to stay out late and go to cafes that stay open late and play on his phone. 

- Pros:

- Good at listening

- Caring to friends & family. 

- Hates wasting food.

- Will stand up for you, but not himself. 

- Cons:

- Refuses to talk unless forced into a situation where he has to. 

- Hard to trust

- Trusts too easily

- Speaks in accented English


- Grew up with only his mother and his sisters to raise him, knows nothing of his father. Moved to America because his mother found work that paid more. They plan to move back to Japan when his mother and sisters save enough. Is often talked behind his back by his peers because of his refusal to open up to except for a small number of people, one of them being Akemi . He finds comfort in her presence, and thus, enjoys staying with her. Eventually, they began to go out and dated for a while until they had to say their goodbyes at the end of their junior year of high school. 


- Family: 1 mother, 2 sisters. 

- Friends: 

- Shizuko Iwahara

- Yuuto Nijimura

- S/O: Akemi Takeji (Long Distance)


- To make people that he likes laugh

- Food

- Cuddling with his pillow

- Akemi

- Lofi Hip-Hop

- Waiting for Akemi’s texts or facetimes after school.

- Seeing Akemi every summer whenever her family and herself come to Japan.


-  Akemi’s smoking problem. 

- Having to clean his glasses often. 

- Talking to strangers.

- Crowded trains.