Eda Inaka



1 year, 8 months ago


- Name: Eda Inaka (田舎江田)

- Age: 19

- Gender: Female

- Ethnicity: Japanese

- Birth date: November 6th, 1999

- Sexual orientation: Straight

- Occupation: Student

- Original Hometown: Fairhope, Alabama.

- Currently Living: Los Angeles, California. 

Physical Info:

- Height: 5ft 3in 

- Weight: 150lbs

- Eye Color: Black

- Hair Color: Black

- Body type: Petite but shredded.

- Piercings: None

- Tattoos: None

Personality: An optimistic, naive teen that likes to be around people. She is welcoming of everyone and loves to meet new people. 


- Early Bird

- Will always take your offer to hug or cuddle.

- Is able to stand up for herself, she hates being a pushover and stands her ground whenever she sees fit. 

- Will always laugh at your funny jokes

- Absolutely not afraid of snakes, spiders or bugs in general. 

- FUCKING RIPPED due to working in the fields for the past 16 years of her life

- Drives a Ford-F150


- Trusts easily

- Naive

- Loud

- Is a bit of an airhead

- Doesn’t like to follow “fancy” etiquette, ie: not eating with your mouth open, not burping, etc.

- Kind of oblivious to everything. Seems like she lives in her own world once in a while. 

 - Will always call out your shit jokes

- Considers what city girls find gross or weird, normal. 


- Coming from an immigrant Japanese family that found themselves in the middle of Alabama. Born and raised, she talks with a heavy southern accent and proud of it. Growing up, she was obviously one of few in her neighborhood that was even Asian, so she was often teased for being one. Regardless, she made friends and was raised a majority of her life in Alabama until freshman year of high school. Her family decided that it was better to move away from the south and to the west coast. Of course, she was upset, but she was excited to meet new people in a place she's never been to before. Now after spending 3 years in Los Angeles, she still carries her accent, but now is more up-to-date, even having an iPhone now. 


- Family: 1 mother, father, 2 older brothers, 1 older sister.

- Friends: 

- S/O: N/A


- Country Music

- Boba

- Farms

- Grocery Stores

- Smartphones


-Loud Cars, 


-Dubstep, (electronic music in general tbh.) 


-The Dark

- Rude city folk