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10647893_dIR14uPKwqL4etK.png?1559923694Misfortune * The embodiment of bad luck

  • Genderless, uses male pronouns
  • Immortal being, age unknown
  • Species unknown

Tragedy always follows their path like a shadow.
Their presence is a bad omen.

  • Friendly overall but very distant and uses few words.
  • Used to being pushed around and will hardly defend himself but be careful, you don't want to be the one that pushes him over the edge.
  • Black cats are his favorite cat color.
  • He has a curse that causes anyone around him to have bad luck but he can also actively choose to target particular people.
  • He also tends to be unlucky himself and often finds himself tripping on rocks and holes.
  • He thinks its funny when people open umbrellas inside.
  • He is nocturnal, but not by choice.  He does his best to avoid people.  He uses the darkness to hide from others he may accidentally harm.
  • His vision is minimal and grown sensitive to light.  He relies mostly on scent and hearing.  He doesn't like how his eyes look so he covers them since he can barely see regardless.
  • He likes the sound of glass shattering.
  • He doesn't have teeth, the toothy look is caused by the shape of his skull.  His tongue is dark red and leathery to the touch.  He has no need or drive to eat.
  • He cannot feel pain and cannot die but he can be injured.
  • Avoids Bless like the plague.