Severino D'Avanti's Comments

HIS NICKNAME IS SEV483170901622390805.png?v=1483170901622390805.png?v=1483170901622390805.png?v=1483170901622390805.png?v=1


(btw I love his art and design !)

ahhhHHh it was so rare to see another Sev, when I saw your name when I was randomly browsing I was like !!!!!!!

I'm glad you like him dhjwjsbdhsj ;v;

We should unite the Sev's >:3

dfjkdasjf AAHHHHH ANOTHER SEV??!! this is a shiny pokemon type of rarity right now. it must be a lucky name uvu //holds up all you sevs so mucchhhhhh

SDJSJDJS IT IS >:D (there are many more on TH I swear but I'm glad to have AT LEAST ONE >:3)