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the stuff bolded is the important bits

my name is pupa. you can also call me lynx though! my pronouns are she/they/xhe! ^_^

-i can't accept money via paypal/cashapp ect. only by amazon gift card. i have a tutorial here

-i dont mind spam faves on my characters!! however don't go too overboard lmao. but ik how it feels to wanna fave someones entire toyhouse X_X

-please note im neurodivergent so the use of tone indicators/tags would be appreciated if we're complete strangers!!


-do NOT tell me to change my watermarks, they're there to prevent theft and it's kinda creepy to ask for less watermark if you've never talked to me. this is a place to store my ocs and their art. i give people i have commissioned the unwatermarked version and thats about it. this account isn't for your benefit, it's for mine :/

-don't call me any nicknames unless we're friends. slightly offtopic but within the same vain of interacting with strangers i don't mind if you leave a friendly heart <3 at the end of any messages tho!! i do that myself sometimes.

-if i've blocked you don't contact me. and don't get your friends to patronize me about it. leave me alone.

quick dni:

-basic criteria (if you know this sentence could apply to you, its best to not interact. homophobes, transphobes, zoophiles etc)

-if you're proship (dont msg asking me what it is if you dont know, google is free)

-if you support pokeporn (nsfw art of pokemon). they don't pass the harkness test and are literally animals.

-if you ship irl people together you make me extremely uncomfortable plz block me </3 (taking to dnf and septiplier mfs)

-you do nothing but trace art and/or steal other people's designs bc you're talentless and just want quick cash (if i check out your profile and notice you doing this rest assured ill absolutely hound you for it)

-kinda wip ill add more later i guess

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