Fennel Salix



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A paranoid conspiracy theorist who's cursed with misfortune. When stressed she'll claw at herself. She always has cuts and scratches all over her body

Basic information 

Full name: Fennel Salix

Nickname: Fen

Birthday: July 17th

Species: Demon

Gender: Female she/her

Height: 8 foot 4

Sexuality: Homosexual

Languages spoken: Demonic, English, French, Chinese, Korean, Canine, Feline, Musteline


Likes: Being alone, history, news, reading, politics

Dislikes: Humans, crowds, other demons, doors


Fennel is pretty paranoid. Being a demon, humans don’t trust her, so being wary is a good thing, but Fennel takes it over the edge. She always has some new conspiracy theory about why humans and demons can’t live together or why she was cursed or blah blah blah. Most of it is paranoid gibberish, but some of it is very much real.


Addictions: None

Mental illnesses: Paranoia

Physical illnesses: Cursed with misfortune

Disabilities: None

Allergies: None

Fears/phobias: Humans


Misfortune. Fennel is cursed, so bad things happen to her all the time. It could be something as simple as bumping her head, or as complex as the government changing a law that affects her negatively. Basically, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

First aid. She’s always getting hurt, so she has to know how to fix things


Strengths: Tall, fast

Weaknesses: Her curse, paranoia

Weapons/tools: Crossbow


Fennel's life started the same way all demons do. She was summoned. Luckily for her, her summoner was one of the many inexperienced ones, and escape was easy. Her size alone scared them off.

Unlike most demons, Fennel never distrusted Oomays. Sure, they killed demons, but it was a survival tactic. They weren't doing it out of malice. Everyone was trying to survive, her included. She wasn't going to bash anyone for wanting to live.

Because of her humanoid appearance, blending in with Oomays was quite easy. Yes, she was tall and yes, her skin was a dark dull grey, but demons aren't civil. As long as she acted civil and kept herself covered no one would suspect a thing.

Life was good. Oomays taught Fennel many things. She took a particular interest in their societies history and politics. This knowledge was generally unknown to demons, which made it even more exciting to learn. Fennel's luck didn't last, however. Things took a turn once the Ministry of Demons learned of her actions.

You see, demons have very few laws. Because of this, breaking any is almost a certain death sentence. Fennel broke law number three: Demons may not interact with Oomays in a social light. The ministry, upon learning of her actions, promptly sought her out for arrest.

Because of her intelligence, and ties with Oomays, it took the ministry months to track her down. Fennel wasn't even all that powerful; she possessed no magical abilities or above average physical traits. It was her intelligence alone that allowed her to avoid them for this long.

Then, it happened. Fennel had set up camp and gone to sleep for the night when they attacked. It was only three of the ministry members, but she was still outnumbered. She tried to get away, but they were too quick. They had her pinned to the ground, and she was unable to move.

One of her assailants began chanting something under their breath. As they did so, they moved their hands rhythmically. Fennel knew they were going to use some sort of magic on her, but what? Surely they weren't going to kill her! All demons were put on trial, regardless of the crime! Still, this spell looked dangerous.

The demon laid their hand on her chest, and she could feel a sharp, hot pain immediately rush through her body. Fennel yelped in pain. Everything was burning, and she was beginning to feel light-headed. The pain quickly became too much for her, and she passed out.

She awoke some time later, slung over a larger demons shoulder. Her hands and feet were both tied, making her unable to move. The demon carrying her seemed to be unaware she had woken up. She had to think fast. If the ministry got her to their hideout, she'd surely be sentenced to death.

The area around them was mountainous, typical for the ministry. She could see that they were very high up, and that they were crossing a very narrow path. If she could just get her hands free, she could push the attackers off the side of the mountain. She had sharp claws, surely she could cut the ropes loose! If only she could reach them…

Suddenly, the group began to stir. They were talking in a whisper, but what they said didn't really matter. All that mattered was that they were putting her down! The large demon removed Fennel from it's shoulder and set her on the ground, before readying another attack. Fennel couldn't see who they were attacking, but again, it didn't matter.

While the demons attacked the unknown target, Fennel hastily tried to escape. It seemed as though the ropes were just about off, when one of the group members noticed she was awake! They grabbed her by the arm and yanked her upwards, freeing her arms but causing her to lose her balance. Almost simultaneously, a blast from an attack hit the ground beneath her! These things combined caused Fennel to slip off the cliffside and tumble down into the ravine below.

Fennel was badly injured, but she was alive. Alive enough to untie her legs and sulk away to tend to her wounds. It took a few days, but eventually she made her way to the nearest town. The ministry seemed to have forgotten about her. Whoever they were attacking seemed to be more important.

Despite being captured, Fennel still had all her money. Once in town she made her way to the market, to grab some medical supplies. It seemed like the entire time she was there misfortune followed. She was constantly tripping on things, bumping her head on low doorways, and running into guards that seemed to be getting more and more suspicious of her. She chalked this up to being tired and injured, but guards weren't something to take lightly. This had to be a short visit.

Her life only got worse from there. It seemed as though bad things happened at every turn. Laws started changing, becoming stricter. People started becoming more hostile. Her disguises stopped working. On top of all this, the ministry was still on the hunt. It seemed as though everything was out to get her!

Time went on, and Fennel started becoming paranoid. Why were things changing? Why were people suddenly out to get her? She had to know why! Her paranoia only got worse, and with it came some nervous tics. She picked up the nasty habit of clawing at herself when stressed, leaving countless scars all over her body.

Fennel began using her knowledge of Oomays to theorize on why things were changing. Her knowledge on politics and Oomay history became the basis of many of her theories, and her paranoia only fueled the conspiracies. Her mental state became deplorable. The conspiracies fueled her paranoia, which caused her to conjure up more conspiracies. She'd gone completely insane!

Eventually, she learned about her curse. In another run in with the council, one of them mentioned it. They said something about it being a safety measure. Something to knock her down a peg, making her easy to recapture if she so happened to get away. Her curse wasn't done with her yet, though, and she managed to escape them yet again despite it.

Not wanting to bear the burdens of society any longer, Fennel cast herself away from it. Deep into the mountains, far away from any other living beings. She set up a more permanent home in a small cave. It was small, damp, and cold, but it was the best she could do, given the circumstances. It's not like she could find anything better with a curse like hers.

So, she lived alone. She lived this way for many years, all the while letting her paranoia corrupt her thoughts, actions, and ideals. Over the years she learned more about her curse. It got to a point where she had a pretty good idea of what her curse would do. That knowledge was a burden to bear, but it helped her plan for the future. If you know you're going to hit your head on a door, regardless of how you enter said door, you can at least brace yourself.

Things went on as usual for Fennel. She spent her days surviving. That's all she wanted to do. Survive. Everything she did was to help aid that survival. Learning first aid, learning to hunt, learning what plants could be eaten. All in the name of survival. Life wasn't good, but at least it was consistent.

Consistent… until she met Klaus. You see, on top of being hunted by the ministry of demons, she was also being hunted by one of the ministries enemies. Klaus was there the day she fell off the mountain. He was trying to help free her, but his plan went awry.

Like Fennel, Klaus was an enemy of the ministry. He was looking for other outlaws to help him with his plan, an illegal smuggling ring between realms. He was using mirrors to transport valuable items between worlds, making bank in the process. Still, he couldn't do it alone, and so far his only ally was only good for one thing. Dewey was a muscle bag, but they weren't very smart. Klaus needed someone to help him with the sociology side of things. Someone smart, who could learn languages and laws of other realms to help keep his illegal activity on the down low. Fennel was the perfect candidate for this.

Well, she would be, if she were up to it. Fennel wasn't too inclined to accept Klaus' offer. Her curse would make it almost impossible! Still, she hated her curse and hated explaining it, so she couldn't give Klaus a reasonable excuse. He became more and more irate, until eventually he gave Fennel an ultimatum. Join him, or be turned in to the ministry. She had been backed into a corner. Not wanting the ministry to kill her, she accepted Klaus' offer.

Now Fennel spends her days helping Klaus and his other lackeys with their illegal trade ring. Her only wish is to escape this hell and be able to return to her life of solitude in the mountains. Given her curse, this isn't going to happen any time soon. For now, she's stuck with Klaus. At least she has some sort of protection from the evils of the world now, right?

Artist notes

Reference: https://toyhou.se/3085666.fennel/10663707

Clothing: Often wears tattered and old clothing. Due to her body type, it’s almost always too short. Sleeves and pants will usually be more tattered because of her nervous tic

Physical appearance: Lanky. She’s unnaturally tall and thin, with very long and unnatural looking limbs. Her mouth has external teeth, with no teeth inside. Her hair is almost always messy. The light stripes on her body are scars from her constant scratching

Expressions: Nervous, worried, sad, annoyed


Fennel is semi based off of an old enderman OC I made back in like 2013ish.

I rewrote Fennel's entire backstory to better fit the lore of her world. It better fits the idea I had for her character now