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A paranoid conspiracy theorist who's cursed with misfortune. She cannot die, but her curse gets her injured all the time, so she always carried around a first aid kit. When stressed she'll claw at herself. She always has cuts and scratches all over her body

Basic information 

Full name: Fennel

Nickname: Fen

Birthday: July 17th

Species: Monster

Gender: Female she/her

Height: 8 foot 4

Sexuality: Homosexual

Languages spoken: English


Likes: Being alone, history, news, reading, politics

Dislikes: Humans, crowds, 


Fennel is pretty paranoid. Being a monster, humans don’t trust her, so being wary is a good thing, but Fennel takes it over the edge. She always has some new conspiracy theory about why humans and monsters can’t live together or why she was cursed or blah blah blah. Most of it is paranoid gibberish, but some of it is very much real.


Addictions: None

Mental illnesses: Paranoia

Physical illnesses: Cursed with misfortune

Disabilities: Almost always injured

Allergies: None

Fears/phobias: Humans


Misfortune. Fennel is cursed, so bad things happen to her all the time. It could be something as simple as bumping her head, or as complex as the government changing a law that affects her negatively.

First aid. She’s always getting hurt, so she has to know how to fix things


Strengths: Tall, fast

Weaknesses: Her curse, paranoia

Weapons/tools: None


Fennel’s life started the same way all demons do. She was summoned. Escaping her summoner was fairly simple because of her size. The summoner didn’t really know what they were doing.

She knew people were bad, so she did her best to stay away from them. Why bother going near them if they’re just going to try and kill you? The only problem with that is that food was scarce in the wild. Fennel knew there was a lot of food in towns, so she started to go into town in disguise to buy it.

Her disguise worked pretty well. She already looked like an Oomay, so no one really questioned it. Sure, she does have black skin like normal demons do, but demons aren’t usually peaceful.

Eventually the town guards started to get suspicious. While her disguise fooled the townsfolk, guards were specially trained to spot demons. Fennel had to be more diligent. She tried her best to avoid the guards.

One day while at the market a guard started following her. She knew what was going on, so she did her best to get out as soon as she could. The guard started to get a bit too close for comfort, so she panicked. She tried to sneak past a cart, but her cloak got caught on a loose nail! The disguise was pulled off, and everyone could see her. A demon! In the market! Get it away!

The guard chased Fennel. She started to panic even more because everyone was watching. Everyone was yelling and running around. Fennel was so focused on the chaos that she didn’t realise more guards had come. They tackled her to the ground and arrested her.

Usually a demon that was stupid enough to wander into town would be killed on the spot, but because Fennel didn’t act like a typical demon the guards decided to be more civil. Friendly demons were a rare occurrence. Maybe they could come to some sort of agreement.

Fennel talked to the guards for awhile, and eventually they came to the agreement that as long as she never came into town again, she would be set free. Sure, that works. There’s always other towns.

All of this happened within the first few years of Fennel’s life. Even though she wasn’t allowed into town, she was still tolerant of Oomays. If she ever encountered one, she’d usually run off. Sometimes, if they weren't immediately hostile, she’d chat or trade with them. She didn’t see any reason to be violent.

There’s a bit of an unspoken rule in demon society. That rule is that you don’t associate yourself with Oomays. They summon demons to kill them and harvest their resources! Why be nice to them? There’s a reason they’re at war with each other!

Eventually some other demons caught wind of what Fennel was doing, and they didn’t like it. Her being friendly, or even tolerant of Oomays damages their reputation! Some of the demons decided to band together to teach her a lesson.

Then, it happened. While Fennel was asleep, they attacked! She woke up and tried to fight them off. There were only three other demons, and none of them were even half as big as she was. Fighting them was easy! Or at least, she thought it was. The others had come prepared. They knew she’d be hard to take down, so they brought a failsafe. A curse.

At first, Fennel didn’t know they had cursed her. She just thought they threw a potion of some sort at her. It didn’t do anything (at least, she didn’t think it did), so she kept fighting. The fight suddenly became a lot harder for her though. Now she was tripping on rocks, running into things, and even hurting herself by accident! She was starting to lose, and she knew it, so she decided to run.

Running didn’t get her very far. She ended up at a river. The current was too strong to swim through. She was going to turn and run another way, but she slipped and fell in! Fennel was quickly swept away by the current. The other demons didn’t follow. They figured the curse would take care of her from there.

Fennel woke up on the shoreline. As she stood up, unstable on her feet, her body was weak and bruised. Feeling as though an eternity has passed since her last meal, her stomach growled as hunger pains hit. Where the other demons were didn’t matter now, all that mattered was getting something to eat.

As Fennel wandered around the area, she noticed some strange things start to happen. Things like branches or rocks seemed to get in her way more. Injuries were becoming more common as well. It was odd, but Fennel just wrote it off as being tired and hungry. Things only got worse from there.

It took ages to find anything around to eat. Hunting seemed to be the only option. There were lots of small animals in the area, why not catch a few?  It’s nothing she hadn’t done before.

Nothing she was doing seemed to work. The animals always seemed to know she was coming. What was going on? Hunting had never caused her this much trouble before. Again, she wrote this off as being tired. Maybe sleeping was a better option. Things would be much easier after a nap.

Time went on, and Fennel’s luck only got worse. It seemed like any encounter she had with another living being ended in her getting attacked. Nothing wanted her around. Not demons, not Oomays, not even animals. Fennel decided she was an outcast from society, so she wandered off into the mountains.

Living alone in the mountains had its own set of challenges. She had to have food, water, and shelter. Shelter seemed to be the easiest thing to get, so she started there.

While her luck did get in the way, she eventually got a house built. Instead of making an entire house from scratch, Fennel decided to use a cave as the main structure. That way she'd only have to worry about making one wall, a door, and furniture.

Eventually, Fennel learned about her curse. One of the demons that cursed her found her home and robbed the place. They mentioned the curse in passing. She was furious, but ultimately ended up letting the demon get away. What's the point of chasing it if she's only going to lose?

Fennels life now is a lonely one. As time went on she learned how her curse worked, so she could predict what it would do. She also taught herself first aid. While she can't die, being injured sucks and she'd rather take care of it as soon as possible. She still has her house, so not all is lost.


Artist notes

Reference: https://toyhou.se/3085666.fennel/10663707

Clothing: Often wears tattered and old clothing. Due to her body type, it’s almost always too short. Sleeves and pants will usually be more tattered because of her nervous tic

Physical appearance: Lanky. She’s unnaturally tall and thin, with very long and unnatural looking limbs. Her mouth has external teeth, with no teeth inside. Her hair is almost always messy. The light stripes on her body are scars from her constant scratching

Expressions: Nervous, worried, sad, annoyed


Fennel is semi based off of an old enderman OC I made back in like 2013ish