Shire Dynatius



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Name: shire dynatius
Age: 19 years
Gender: female (she/her)
R/O: biromantic
S/O: bisexual
Alignment: freedom
Theme: Abracadavre
D.o.B. december 31
Zodiac: capricorn
Status: single
Height: 5'10" feet
Role: protagonist
Owner: Temorali
Designer: Temorali







  • parties
  • being acknowledged
  • social media
  • heights
  • being by herself
  • dealing with emotions
  • sitting still
  • lectures

Move out of the way, you nobody! A very important person is coming through!


Shire was born to Reichard Dynatius, CEO of D-SEC and the most powerful man in the world. At first, it was her mother, Jezebel, who took care of her, but after she passed, Reichard grew more distant and began putting Shire's childhood in the hands of her hired nanny. As a child, Shire was clingy and cried a lot, but as she grew up, she decided that the fight for her father's attention wasn't worth the humiliation and pain, and decided to change herself. She became a rebellious and emotionally-distant person in an attempt to shield herself from feeling lonely or unwanted, and still hates admitting when she feels weak, because she sees it as a hindrance and something that needs to be eliminated from herself. She doesn't forge relationships with people easily; most people in her life are temporary, and she doesn't get attached too quickly. The only person she attempted to start a romantic relationship with was a boy who went by the nickname "Skell", but she wasn't ready to open her heart to another person and decided to shut him out instead. She was slated to become the next CEO of D-SEC, but finds the entire process to be horrible and boring, and passed the opportunity off onto Drake instead.

Shire is a very proud girl, and although she's been spoiled by a lavish and carefree lifestyle due to her father's position, she prefers to live independently and does not like accepting help from others. She grew up on bad terms with her remaining family, and tends to get into heated arguments with her father especially; she secretly envies her younger brother, who is the target of their father's attention, but she would never admit it and she lashes out at Drake as well. She tends to find fleeting comfort in the company of others, particularly her two closest friends, Raven and Boon; the three of them tend to go out to parties and clubs against her father's wishes, as that is her way of both getting out of her current lifestyle and rebelling against her father. Although she is driven by emotion and can sometimes be unreasonable, she has a very sharp intellect and her wit places her at the top of the social ladder.


Shire is one of the two protagonists of Time of Death and is the viewer's connection to the rebel group, Freedom. She leaves D-SEC to join Freedom's ranks early on in the story, although her journey from being a runaway and becoming the face of Freedom is a long one.

She is very impulsive and is often self-centered, which - in her position - is a dangerous combination to be. Her decisions throughout the story and how she interacts with others are very much capable of changing the outcome of her tale.


Zeriah Temorali
[ guardian and mentor ]

When Shire runs away from D-SEC and joins Freedom, it's not long before she meets Zeriah, the leader of that particular cell. He quickly takes to her and is very gentle towards her, unlike many other Freedom members. Although he's often very busy, he guides her when possible and watches over her protectively.


[ partner ]

The two of them start off on the wrong foot and spend a large portion of the beginning bickering, especially because Joel doesn't trust her. However, the more they spend time together, the more they begin to grow close to each other. Shire grows to trust Joel very much, and their teamwork eventually becomes unparalleled.


Drake Dynatius
[ younger brother ]

Shire has been confused, hurt, and envious by her brother being in their father's spotlight since childhood, and those emotions eventually developed into a deep animosity. She can't stand him being a "goody two-shoes" or a "suck up", as she calls him, and does her best to push him away in an effort to protect herself from feeling betrayed again.

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