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Botanist // Florist



"I talk to my flowers every day... and they like to talk back"

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Poverty was all Casey ever knew.  He was born in to a family with far too many children that could be taken care of, and the neighborhood they lived in was overrun with questionable groups of people who frequently visited to collect a 'protection tax', which if not paid, usually lead to people breaking in and stealing various items of value, or taking the life of someone who tried to play hero.  Casey went through most of his childhood without speaking much at all--many people thinking him to be mute.  His parents thought it to be a nuisance, but in reality, he chose simply to blend in and remain unnoticed by whoever came into their home.  That way, when they couldn't afford to pay their tax, he was the last person any thieves thought to be a threat.  He saw many of his brothers and sisters killed, and while at first, it was horrifying, he soon grew used to it.  Death was natural, and happened all the time.  Why should it scare him?

As he grew older, Casey chose to sneak away from his family whenever he got the chance to.  His quiet demeanor helped keep him safe from many outside threats his mother always warned him about, and even earned him some respect from a neighboring gang who let him come and go as he pleased, knowing he meant them no harm unlike many of the others who wandered around in the streets.  Each day he got the chance to explore, he wandered further, and further away from home.  It seemed the further he traveled, the more beautiful the outside world became.  Flowers were more common, along the outskirts of town, and each time he wandered, he made it his mission to find a new flower to bring back home to press into his collection book.

One day, having seen all the flowers of the town, he yearned for more.  He packed a bag for himself, knowing it may be a while before he came back, and then happily walked off the very next opportunity he got.  By the time he'd found a new flower he'd never seen before, it had been a few days since he'd left.  When he returned home, his father greeted him with a frown, telling him he either needed to stay home and be of use to the family and only leave when permitted... or leave and never be allowed back.  Casey looked at the small purple flower in his hands with a quiet, painful look on his face.  As far as he was concerned, the family he had wouldn't be around long anyways.  Not with how foolhardy, and stubborn they all were.  He walked inside, packed whatever other belongings he had left, and departed, leaving his family without even a goodbye.  They went on without him, and he went on without them.  For all anyone knew, he'd never even lived there.  He was nothing more than a quiet, faceless body that took up space in a house far too small for him anyways.

Now that he no longer had anyone to devote his life to, Casey left his birth town and drifted from place to place, collecting flowers, meeting people, and making friends, something he would never have been able to dream of if he'd accepted a life of imprisonment with his family.  Once he reached a larger city, he managed to befriend a well-known professor, who was fascinated by Casey's collection of plants and flowers he'd so carefully pressed and preserved in multiple books.  The professor, seeing a spark of inspiration in Casey's eyes whenever flowers were mentioned, offered to teach him at the school he taught at free of charge, so long as Casey helped tend to his greenhouse.  The redhead didn't need to think twice about his answer.  Casey learned many valuable things under the professor's tutelage, primarily how to raise, and take care of a diverse amount of plants.. and once he'd learned all that the professor could teach, he brazenly asked if he could receive help opening up a flower shop.

Knowing Casey would be true to his word to run the shop efficiently and pay him back, the professor surprised the boy with brand new building to start his business as a birthday present.  Three years have passed since his shop first opened, and while he makes little profit for himself since he's still paying the professor back for his generosity, Casey loves his job.  He's living the life he'd always dreamed of.  No 'protection tax'.  No having to make himself appear as insignificant as possible just to survive.  No dear people dying every other month before his eyes.  No dedicating his life to a meaningless cause.  There was just flowers.  Flowers, and customers who smiled at him and his flowers just for being there.  It wasn't the most glamorous life, where he could afford the finest food, and clothes.. but it was a life he was more than content living.

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Ivan - "He's my best customer!  I've never seen such a big, handsome guy buy so many flowers before and make such beautiful flower crowns with all of them.  And he visits me so frequently..  I'm pretty sure he's the main reason I make any money to spend on myself every month.  Plus he's always smiling.  How can you not like a guy who's always got a smile on his face, and has such a passion for flowers??  I wonder what he does for a living.  It's gotta be something really good if he's smiling as much as he does." ♥

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This character was created by banANNUmon