.♡ Delano ♡.



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Basic Info

name origin

Delano; French, meaning 'dark', 'of the night', also Gaulish, meaning 'wetland', 'swamp'






he/him (they/them)


late twenties


January 1st; Capricorn ♑



spirit animal



1,95m / 6'5


~92 kg / 202 lbs


Quiet but by no means insecure or shy, Del is a rather calm and reserved guy. He likes so keep his private business private, but doesn't hide or purposefully mislead. He's at peace with himself and the world, always keeping his cool, especially in difficult situations. Del simply doesn't do panic. Hardly ever so much as raises his voice for that matter. It takes a lot for someone or something to make Del seriously angry, and even then, he keeps a level head and tries to do things rationally, rather than acting impulsively.

A lot of that calm, he gets from being in the nearest forest and around its dwellers whenever possible. He keeps his distance, of course, fully aware that the wild creatures can be hard to size up and unpredictable at best. But watching them in their natural habitat gives him inner peace and makes him feel at home. He could spend hours just sitting in secret, studying the scenery.

Loving cooking as much as he does, Del rarely ever resorts to frozen dinner or takeout, preferring to prepare meals from scratch instead. He especially loves to cook for other people, but even if he only prepares food for himself, he doesn't do things half-heartedly. He likes to know what exactly he's consuming, too. So naturally, he tries to buy from local retailers as much as possible.

Del realized he was gay early on. He always liked girls just fine, but, as soon as puberty hit, he learned rather quickly that they didn't do much for him in terms of sexual or romantic attraction. He always found himself drawn towards boys, and later on men. He came out to his parents pretty much right away, and being blessed with a really amazing family, that luckily never turned out to be an issue.

Throughout most of his young adult life, Del never was one to frantically seek for a relationship, fully content with being what others might consider a loner. And even if there was someone in his life, it wasn't unusual for him to keep things casual (though exclusive.) That, however, changed pretty quickly once Zale walked into his life.

Though them meeting wasn't anything special in particular: in need of a local craftsman one day - someone who could custom build a bookshelf to save an already existing one from finally collapsing - Zale found Del's contact information online and gave him a call. After agreeing on fundamentals via phone, Del accepted and promised to stop by in person to finalize the deal within a few days. To make a long story short, Zale got the bookshelf extension he was looking for, and Del scored himself a date - he asked Zale out on the very last day of the job. (It was sheer impossible to miss Zale's hardcore flirting - there definitely had been a few situations in which Del admittedly had a hard time staying focused on the tasks on hand - but he once swore to himself he wouldn't mix business with pleasure, so he didn't give in until the last possible moment.) They hit it off right away and have been dating ever since.

Del never considered himself to be very possessive, let alone be so in a partnership, but where Zale is concerned, Del just takes no prisoners. Being a protective bear at heart, he guards who he considers worthy of his love and affection - and Zale definitely falls into that category. (The same applies to his family, by the way.)
He simply adores Zale, and would do anything within his power to see, and more importantly, make him the happiest man alive. ("Just don't tell Zale! We don't want him getting an even bigger ego than he already has, aye?") And while he sure as hell ain't a sappy one or is much of a PDA kinda guy, Del makes sure that Zale is always shown the attention and love he deserves as well as receives plenty of kisses - because, hello, kisses are important! They also made it a rule to always talk to each other: about anything and everything really, but most importantly about their feelings, positive and negative alike. ("Neither of us goes to bed angry!")

The two of them ground each other in a kind of simple but essential way. Where Del has a rather private personality, Zale is more outgoing and in-your-face, albeit not to an extreme.
After a long day of work, for example, they both enjoy the quiet that comes with staying in, sharing a meal (usually prepared by Del), and eventually reclining on the couch. That doesn't automatically result in a cuddle party, even though doing just that absolutely is an option they like to make use of more often than not when streaming a movie or the latest episode of a TV show they watch together. But they are also both comfortable with just being in each other's general space, while not necessarily being within touching distance, doing their own thing respectively; not every minute of their time together needs to be filled with chatter.

► forest animals
► hot temperatures but also summer rain
► nature, especially the forest
► peace and quiet
► to cook (secretly a foodie tbh)
► watching Zale sleep

► snakes (maybe not dislike but rather respect)
► sub-freezing temperatures
► cold feet
► loud people
► cold coffee
► clutter

► pinterest pins
► volunteers at a wildlife center in his area
► rough, calloused hands because of his work
► piercings & tattoos
► plays the drums
► used to be a chubby teenager (food ♥)
    until he learned how to cook and watch his diet

► dark brown, almost black hair
⇀ long dreadlocks
⇀ undercut
⇀⇀ patterns shaved into undercut; patterns vary, whatever strikes this fancy at the moment
► dark brown, almost black eyes
⇀ thick eyebrows
► wide/flat nose
► prominent upper lip
► dark skin (Afro-Caribbean origin)
► muscular body
⇀ broad shoulders and strong thighs
⇀ hints of a six-pack and v-cut
⇀⇀ manual work and the drums help him stay in shape
► tattoos (visual references/templates)
⇀ right shoulder → upper arm → chest
⇀ right forearm
⇀ left hip
► piercings (visual reference will follow soon)
⇀ facial: left eyebrow (curved barbell or ring), erl/bridge (barbell), septum (ring), right nostril (ring), tongue
⇀ body: both nipples (barbells or rings), belly button (curved barbell or ring)
⇀ there may or may not be intimate ones as well ;)
⇀⇀ gold piercing jewelry