Pronounced | juh-STEEN loo-SEEN Age | 23
Gender | Cis Female Pronouns | she/her
Birthday | May 7th Zodiac | Taurus
Species | Werewolf Orientation | JUSTICE

"Here to learn the law, huh? Get ready for the lesson of a lifetime, punk!"

A hot-blooded werewolf who seeks to mete out JUSTICE!!! For some reason or another she's obsessed with law enforcement, so she got a police uniform (off of eBay, unaware that it's actually just a sexy cop costume) and started the Justice Club at Hell College.

You know, Hell College. The school full of demons and other villainous sorts.

Needless to say no one takes her terribly seriously, but that's not going to stop her!


Justine has no volume control, or energy control for that matter. She's always dialed up to 11, constantly shouting about JUSTICE and stopping evildoers and what have you. She's incredibly impulsive, rarely thinking before she speaks or acts. This often leads to her pouncing - literally - on people who haven't done anything wrong because she only caught a brief glimpse of what they were doing.

Also adding to this is the fact that she's just... not the sharpest tool in the shed. She has a pure and good heart that wants to see happiness and JUSTICE in the world, but that means she immediately trusts people even when she shouldn't. For example, someone stabbing someone else could easily get her to leave by claiming their friend here was just helping clean off this knife they were using to cut a really ketchupy burger, and she'd totally believe them and walk away despite the screams. This makes her somewhat popular at Hell College, as demons like seeing how blatant of a lie they can get away with. The answer... pretty blatant.

When she does have to face off evil that can't get past her with lies, she's ferocious and self-sacrificing, willing to do anything to defend the weak and take down attackers. She's surprisingly adept at combat, coming as a surprise to everyone who views her as a joke.

When it comes down to it, Justine is pretty much just a dog. Loud, always wants to do stuff, loyal, will protect you until her dying breath, and not exactly a beacon of intellectual wisdom nor social mastery.


Edibles Meat, donuts, toast, cheese sticks, scrambled eggs, peanut butter, popcorn, carrots, and... ice cubes...?
Weather Clear skies, so as not to intrude on her hunt for crime!
Activities Upholding JUSTICE, stopping criminals, eating, getting scratched behind the ears, playing catch, tackling people, running the Justice Club, chewing on things, howling in the middle of the night, cleaning.
Colors Blue, because it's the color of JUSTICE apparently?
Misc. Police paraphernalia, bones, watching sports, pillows, procedurals, the moon, jingly noises, cars.


Edibles Chocolate, nuts, onions, garlic, alcohol, grapes, candy, and gum.
Weather Thunderstorms. They make criminals difficult to pursue! Also they're scary. ):
Activities Being told she's a bad girl, failing to apprehend criminals, being unable to convert people to the side of JUSTICE, being lonely, upsetting people, taking showers (she'd rather take a bath,) having to be quiet.
Crimes Justine, of course, hates all crimes! HOWEVER, the worst is... littering? I mean, that's pretty bad, but that's really what she hates most...?
Misc. Loud noises, real guns, perfume, vacuum cleaners, things that look edible but aren't, injustice.



Physical Characteristics

Justine stands at 5'7" with a mild hourglass figure fleshed out by a little muscle. She has wild, brown hair that reaches down to her waist, matching her wolf ears and bushy tail. Her skin is a slightly lighter brown, blending in with the fur that extends off of her limbs. Her hands seem to end in claws, her canines are viciously sharp, and she has bright golden eyes, all adding up to make a figure that gets less human the more you look.


Justine is never seem outside of her uniform, which in truth is just a cheap costume she got online and assumed was legit. It consists of a blue short-sleeved minidress with exposed cleavage, a blue cap, a belt, a black choker, fishnets that have been torn thanks to her active lifestyle, knee-length heeled black boots, and a generic golden badge with nothing written on it. On her belt she typically carries a stun gun, a walkie-talkie, and some fuzzy handcuffs.

Body Language

Justine's body language is just as active as she is, and just as dog-like. When excited she wags her tail, when tense her ears perk up, and when upset everything droops. It's extraordinarily easy to tell what she's feeling by looking at her, even for people who aren't ordinarily good at reading body language.


Like freshly-baked donuts for some reason...?!


Very loud, very brash, and full of JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!! and chaos. Mostly chaos.


Justine is a total mystery. No one really knows where she came from or how she managed to get an invitation to Hell College of all places; presumably because some fell deity felt like having a chuckle or something. All that's really known is the ambiguous past of seeing someone steal a kid's tricycle, being imbued with the desire for justice, and getting the tricycle back. Except the thief was a werewolf and managed to bite her, which only gave her the strength she needed to continue to fight evil!

At some ambiguous point she arrived at Hell College, clad in a police uniform that's actually just a sexy cop costume she bought online that she assumed was a real deal. Disgusted by all of the vile behavior at Hell College - people shoving others into lockers! demons calling angels nerds! JAYWALKING! - Justine took matters into her own hands and founded the Justice Club. The Justice Club is dedicated to defending the weak and ensuring Hell College is a law-abiding wonderland of peace and good behavior.

...Needless to say, the Justice Club hasn't gotten too many members, and those who do join are typically just there as a joke. Hell College is a land of trickery and michief, after all; few students are terribly interested in trying to take the Hell out of Hell College. It's always fun to see people try, though!

Of course, there are those who do genuinely appreciate her efforts; thanks to her interference, there are plenty of weaker students who have gotten the protection they need to grow stronger. So, for one reason or another, most of campus tends to think of her fondly.

RP History

Justine hasn't been RPed with yet, so check back later!



"Don't you worry - only evildoers get mauled by these fangs!"

As a werewolf, Justine is capable of transforming into a wolf form, which also happens involuntarily during full moons or when her emotions run out of control. When engaging in the latter she has full control over herself, while during the latter she runs purely on emotion. Though, given her nature, she tends to be harmless to anyone who's equally as harmless.

Even without transforming she's still a formidable opponent; she's got claws, fangs, sharp teeth, enhanced senses, impressive strength, and plenty of speed. She does prefer to subdue evildoers non-lethally, though, so she's more likely to use her equipment, such as her stun gun or handcuffs. Still, if a villain is proving themselves to difficult to take down or too vile to allow to escape, she won't hesitate to unleash her inner animal on them.


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Element Beast
Species Beast, Humanoid
Positioning Skill Pull Back: Pulls unit back one space in the direction they are grabbed from.
Passive Ability Justice Prevails!: If average level of foes within 2 spaces > average level of allies within two spaces, grants +25% to all stats.
Personal Weakness Takes 10% more damage from Sound attacks.
Friendship Bonus +5% ATK






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Piragua Melancia

[ acquaintance ]

"Pira's in training! I can already see the light burning in her chest! This girl's gonna go places, I'm tellin' ya!"


Crucifera Bishopi

[ informant ]

"As head of the Media Club, Cruci here knows all the ins and outs of the school! His information is invaluable! Wish his prices weren't so steep, but... a man's gotta make a living, right? It's my duty to support small businesses!"



[ enemy ]

"Istra's well-known for their crimes! Always stealing food and napping on people's homework... it's despicable! One of these days I'm gonna bring 'em to justice!"


Date Created No later than January 14th, 2017.
Soul Color Gold
Sin Class Gluttony
Major Demonic Law
OC Blog Tag

Present In

  • Hell College

[ Role not provided for RP-original settings. ]


  • She has truly noble beginnings: [thing i thought abt that i don't want to forget and want to expand upon: a Justice Club(tm) in hell college consisting of a group of students who attempt to uphold the law in a lawless land, protecting people from murderers and locker-shovers and soul-devourers. one of them is a hot-blooded werewolf lady strictly bc i do not have any werewolves at all somehow so that was the first character concept that came to my mind]
  • She likes to lick the frosting/icing/cream/etc. off of anything she eats before the rest of it.
  • Yes she eats food off of the floor
  • she is a fucking doggo


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OOC Name Justalt sounds pretty metal...
Status Alive
Primary Changes She was bitten by a zombie pirate ninja robot vampire instead of a werewolf I don't fuckin know

She's completely the same, but now she has like an eyepatch and a robot arm and vampire fangs and random bandages and ninja skills I guess?

Yes this is a good alternate route to take with this character


Owner Isoprene
Creator Isoprene
Designer Isoprene
Species Credit N/A
Profile Coding lowkeywicked
Background Evan Eckard

"Hey! Just 'cause you leave my sight doesn't mean I'm not out there watching! Don't cause any trouble, you hear?!"