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8 months, 16 days ago


Shiitake Mushroom themed Plantik | Mascot of my closed species! ;0 

↳ works as a royal advisor/public relations and populace registory
↳ the only one who's actually cool
↳ has embarrassing 'mom' friends who always cheer him on no matter what he's doing
↳ finds it too tiring / it takes too much effort to talk or be enthusiastic about anything, so is pretty quiet and deadpan 24/7
↳ that one guy who procrastinates until the day before to complete an assignment but still gets an A+
↳ seems really intimidating to people at first because of his tall, muscular build and deadpan natural resting bitch face but he's actually more scared of you than you are of him
↳ loves taiyaki with a passion
↳ will roast you
↳ gets embarrassed easily but doesn't like admitting it
↳ holds his liquor like damn son
↳ his gaze is literally the most captivating thing, wether it be cool and collected or gentle and desperate
↳ due to the lustful nature of his species, which he tries to procrastinate on as well, it sometimes gets painful for him to resist so he gets desperate and teary-eyed and weak n stuff and that's the only time you'll ever see him acting like a mess and showing weakness