Kenshi (OC)



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Species: Human

Value: too much for you

Status: Me, myself and I

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Full Name: Kenshi

Date of Birth: 08/12/??

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Handedness: Right handed

Age: ??

Zodiac: Sagitarius

Gender: Female

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Blood Type: ???

  Physical Description

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Dark brown

Skin Tone: Beige

Disting. Feature: her panda's hat

Scars: no

Height: Medium

Weight: 55kg

Build: Ectomorph


Other: Always wear her panda's hat exept in summer (its one of the reason of her hate of summer XD)

Other: In fact her hair are brown but very very dark so black its okay for her hair color :3


Tired - Kind - Sensible

"M'en bat les couilles frère"




Tony Stark/Hijikata Toshiro


Reading and drawing

Her children and her friends 


Cats (exept some cats)

bug specialy spiders


when her friends are sad

panic attack


A pretty nice idiot with a batman complex (that is to say, she adopts too many children) she try her best to be better and nice with everyone cause she don't believe in herself X) Kenshi is a girl who can travel between the universes!



Alignment: Lawfull good




Kenshi has the power to travel between the worlds such as Marvel or Gintama, her family who built her by adopting children during her various trips!

-Bruce: (16) A smart boy who passes may be a little too much time in front of his computer!
-Greg: (16) A little nerdy who has a problem with people late
-Tony: (15) A little piece of adorable and very shy cabbage!
-Pi: (14) Adorable child we do not know much except he is adorable
-Peter: (13) Much too energetic Peter is the kind of child to always have trouble! (These clothes are always in a pitiful state!)
-Pete / Nell: (11) The twins of the family are quite calm and wise
-Tim: (3.5) Little brother of the twin he is very calm and always smile!


Kenshi during his many trips has had many crush but it's never finished well! (she tends to believe in people who will either die or reveal themselves gay)

after a long time she meets the two men of her life! Tony Stark from Marvel and Hijikata Toshiro from Gintama! With Tony she will adopt Greg, Pi, Pete and Nell and with Toshi she will adopt Bruce, Tony, Peter and Tim! Tony and Hijikata do not get along at all but they make efforts for Kenshi! Do not tell Kenshi that what she does is polygamy, she likes both sincerely and can not choose what hurt her a lot!



Kenshi had a crush on Glenn for a long time and even if she does not say it she still crush on him but now she considers him more like a good friend they do soimetimes some Netflix night.


Kenshi had and still has a crush for Jerome is one of the first person she met! Now she considers him primarily as someone whom she admires a bit of a hero for her! (Kenshi has a tendency to worship the scientist)

ex-ennemy/ best friend

Kenshi at the beginning liked Zake, she found her "dark side" funny but there was the accident of the pen and from that for a moment Zake and Kenshi became enemy finally it was more Kneshi who no longer appreciated Zake ! After a few years Kenshi ended up having something else and finally forgave Zake! now they get on well and Kenshi loves talking to him for teasing him! (he's her bi best friends XD)


Kenshi knows Finn since a looooooooooooooooot of time, he is one of first people that Kenshi met. At first, she considered him as a friend and now she still cosidered him as a friend but she have a crush on him. She should hate him, but she simply cannot. (plz don't kill my skill)


Kenshi don't have to justify her crush on Chris because HOW CAN'T WE LOVE CHRIS? Join the Chris fandom, fandom made of love and cuteness!


At first, Kenshi finding Jacob very cool but a litlle cold but in fact his very sweet she loves him.


 Baby Sacha, at first she was distrubed because he has a link with Zakery and she argued with Zakery. But then, she realized that he is kind and super sweet and not like Zakery, he's a great friend.


Kenshi knows Shann since a lot of time. He was one of first that she met. She only see him a friend. A very good friend btw.


Kenshi really loves him. but she don't kwno him enough she would love to be more with him.


 It isn't surprising that Kenshi crushed on Todo because he looks like Hijikata but he isn't just that, he is more that this, this is Todo and Todo deserves love.



Elinah is one of thefirst feminin crush of Kenshi. She is too adorable and she love her too much, she is the star of her life


 At first, Kenshi considered Luce as a girl Finn but she learn to knowing her and thought that she is so likeable and you know what happened...CRUSH (she love her litlle default who make her awesome)


Kenshi found Bruce really sexy XD he's really great but she know his story with Zake so she try to not love him too much cause she know that zake would be sad X) 


At first, Kenshi was afraid of Jeremy, he lookes a little too psycho and he reminds her of Ashura in Soul Eater (she keeps calling him Ashura) buuut psychopaths are soo sexy and Jeremy is kind, when he wants to.

best friend

Kenshi love Alexane! is soooo cute and pur!! she love talk to him ans she considered him as his straight best friend XD

best friend

Kenshi found klyve soooo cute she want to pass more time with him but she is to shy to ask, his her gay best friend and she love his tyle!


 Yamagi is a scientist, and Kenshi has a big problem with scientist. Kenshi directly knew how it will happen. He is cute, cool to look and she likes him a lot buuuut she is really jealous of his relation with jerome.


Kenshi, when she met Rain, thought was black haired. She quickly started to think that he looks like a little Hijikata but after that she knew that he was rainbow haired. She was a little disappointed and said that he would be better with black hair and he was hurt by that. She quickly regrets what she said and told him sorry because he is super cute and deserves a lot of love.


Phoenix is the kind of friend that we all need to have. He is kind, cute, and doesn't deserves all that happen to him. After knowing more about his life, she liked him a lot.


Kenshi's husband. An insomniac couple. Their relationship is 100% open. (so Takano if you want to be with Brook there's no problem ;) )


Kenshi found Iris really badass she love her cute and strong mother side and dounf her really cute and sexe at the same time.


Brooklyn  is a source of inspiration for Kenshi, it's thanks to her that Kenshi create a lot a things.


Kenshi is very proud of her first adoptive son Tony and she love Clay who is perfect for tony and 100 % approved by kenshi.

scary man

Kurt is one of the most scariest person Kenshi had ever meet she like to tell that kurt is a Nazi or the most evil person of the world she don't know why she is scared of him


For Kenshi Simon is the funniest person of the wolrd! and she love to be a part of his religion cause he's handsome and very cool like a modern jesus!


Kenshi don't really know what to think about Bellhead, she crushed on him because a theory she thought he was Glenn but now ??? It's just Bellhead whatever :D



• Kenshi is very sensible and always cry when she watch movie

• She can be very passionate and when she is fan of something she learn everything about it


• You can draw her without her panda's hat

• she love to have shirt with reference if you don't want to draw her osomatsu-san sweat


• her panda's hat is a gift from her mother

• she love to spend time with her crush but not too long cause her lovers are Tony stark (don't talk of endgame or she will be very very depressed) and Hijikata (don't talk of the Gintama end cause she will also be very very depressed)