Kenshi (OC) (Anissa (Sona))





Species: Human

Value: too much for you

Status: Me, myself and I

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Full Name: Anissa

Date of Birth: 08/12/01

Sex: Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Handedness: Right handed

Age: 17

Zodiac: sagitarius

Gender: Female

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

Blood Type: ???

  Physical Description

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Dark brown

Skin Tone: Beige

Disting. Feature: her panda's hat

Scars: no

Height: Medium

Weight: 55kg

Build: Ectomorph


Other: Always wear her panda's hat exept in summer (its one of the reason of her hate of summer XD)

Other: In fact her hair are brown but very very dark so black its okay for her hair color :3


Tired - Kind - Sensible

"M'en bat les couilles frère"




Tony Stark/Hijikata Toshiro


Reading and drawing

Her family and her friends 


Cats (exept some cats)

bug specialy spiders


when her friends are sad

panic attack


A little idiot, but kind. Trying to help people because she is scared of being useless. A little naive and sometimes, she looks like a living zombie. People call her panda because of her dark rings. So she made of this animal her totem.



Alignment: Lawfull good




She has two parents, a mom and a dad. She loves them. She has a sister and two brothers. She considered her sis as a second mom and is most close to her sister than her brothers.  She is the youngest of her family. She has some nephews and she loves them more than everything.

Its only in her highschool that she met her real friend (except Brian and Na-chan that she met a little before), they even became the panda family and hope that she will never lose them. She had also some friends in her lecture club and has a best friend Cassie.


One day she had a crush on one of her friends, Fran. But he were idiot and refused give her an answer and "freezed" her. Now, they have a good relation. 

Once upon a time, Remi. Remi was a good friend that she met in a bal, but because he is an idiot (just like FRAN) he start to ignore her after her declaration, enven if he told her that he likes her too. He tried to talk to her sometimes after that but she ignore him as much as she can.

Daphné was and still being a good friend Kenshi had a crush on her but realise that only when Daphné start to be in a relationship. Kenshi knows only now that Daphné crushed on her too but thought that it wouldn't be possible because of Kenshi's romantic attraction (Kenshi always said that she likes boys). So, bad timing.

To conclude, Kenshi has a problem with people with a bad humor, and a big problem with timing.




Her more ancient friend, her confident and someone with whom she likes spending time and she don't tell him often but she love him.


 A really strong friendliness. Someone that she really like and with whom she likes spending her time. She considered her as a mentor and he had a time when she called her senpai. she love her and she consider Na and Brian as her platonic soulmate

best friend

A really strong friendship even if it's recent! They had same center of interests. they are always together and plan everything together. 


Dadou is one of Kenshi best friend and her first love! She just want dadou to be happy and like to see her :33

her consciousness 

Browny is a smol little angy bean who love violence and torture when kenshi is angry all her anger go to browny and when she is hurt she don't show it but inside browny is more and more angry.

her skill

Skill is Kenshi skill in editing and for finding picture but he's not really badass so he had make a pact with finn and Kenshi is worried about that (please finn don't kill him XD)

her childish side 

 for a long time Kenshi thought that baby nini was lost killing by browny but after a long time Baby nini was here again and make kenshi feel really nostalgic.

her imagination

When kenshi have an idea its because of scony who make it happer and when is not concentrate its also scony fault.

her fangirl side

Pony is here when Kenshi watch or read something and fangirl over it! she is here when kenshi go to convention and thanks to her Kenshi hug people despite the fact she is not a fan of hug

her depression

when kenshi is sad or very depressed its because of Starky, like when she watched engame or when Gintama ended is also the cause of Kenshi panic attack.

her detective side

Kenshi really love things relate to sherlock universe so in her head she have a little detective! he's also relate to her actress side.

her cannibal side

Kenshi love the serie Hannibal and when she was watching it Michael is born. she think that eat human is okay she don't want to hurt people but if the person is already died for her they have no problem to eat it. but she have never eat anyone she just telle people that she going to eat them for fun.


her crazy side

when kenshi is really really really tired Gilbert come and Kenshi begin to act like an alcoholic and don't remember anything after



• Kenshi is very sensible and always cry when she watch movie

• She can be very passionate and when she is fan of something she learn everything about it


• You can draw her without her panda's hat

• she love to have shirt with reference if you don't want to draw her osomatsu-san sweat


• her panda's hat is a gift from her mother

• she love to spend time with her crush but not too long cause her lovers are Tony stark (don't talk of endgame or she will be very very depressed) and Hijikata (don't talk of the Gintama end cause she will also be very very depressed)