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Chomie seems pretty nice! He usually does what's asked of him, listens to his superiors, and does genuinely act like he cares about people. If someone earns enough of his trust, he'll tend to put their needs and wants ahead of his own, and is always happy to put effort into the relationship.

However, he doesn't have quite enough charisma to completely convince people that he's fully genuine. Most people tend to avoid him - Chomie almost has an aura of manipulation and cruelty hanging around him that he can't shake, leaving him alone for the most part. And, well, if anyone sticks around despite that - they'll find out that as soon as Chomie feels that they don't want or need him anymore, every abusive behavior he's had on a leash comes swinging out in full power.

Because Chomie doesn't actually give a shit about other people.

He enjoys feeling needed, and he enjoys the sense of power over people it gives him when they want or need his presence. Chomie tends to these emotions, pushing dependency on him and his acts of "kindness". Oh, he'll happily clean up after his roommate - do their laundry, clean them up after battle, anything to remind them that they need Chomie. All he asks in return is simple: help keeping their shared space absolutely spotless and clean. Not a high bar, right?

Unfortunately, it proved too high for Chomie's prior roommate - Orobas was nearly killed when Chomie, in a fit of rage, attempted to push the other Aner into the trash incinerator after repeated heated arguments about Orobas' messy habits. This resulted in Orobas being moved to a different room and Chomie left holed up, alone and feeling rather unwanted, for months.

Luckily, it wouldn't be years before his saving grace arrived: Lucifer defected from the Heaven Colony to join the Hells, and out of the two open dorms (Chomie and Zagan's), Chomie was given precedence. Lucifer had a history of abuse and brutality, treating his previous partner with nothing short of violent contempt - he got away with absolutely everything by way of breaking down Michael's self esteem through constant abuse and humiliation. Lucy's temper and demeanor were legendary, and his need to feel superior to everyone around him was well-known. 

To the colony's collective surprise, though, Chomie and Lucifer didn't clash. They still had fights and arguments, of course - it would be absurd to think that Lucy could get along with someone consistently - but in a strange twist of fate, Chomie's general passive acceptance (as long as he felt desired) coupled with Lucy's constant thirst for validation of his superiority mixed well. Chomie took Lucy's shit, dealt with his insults, and acted rather submissive, feeling secure in his position as Lucy's "favorite bitch". In turn, Chomie became almost a sort of stability for Lucy, being one of the few demons who actually initially accepted and respected him without question.

Still, it isn't always peaches and roses: Chomie still had to fight for his right to a clean space, citing mental health for the reason - after falling into a depressive slump, he had been given a bit of advice that keeping a clean living space might help with the negativity. Chomie took the words to heart and obsessively cleans, as a means to keep himself too "busy" to be depressed and to make himself feel comfortable in his spaces. As such, he staunchly defends the cleanliness and order of his room, and has high expectations. This still serves as a minor point of contention between himself and Lucy, which the two have gone to blows over.

Furthermore is the fact that Lucy struggles to even conceptualize respect for anyone but himself, which is at odds with Chomie's need to be wanted. It can be hard at times for Chomie to convince himself that Lucy needs him, especially when the other turns abrasive or calloused. Despite all this, the two do get along ridiculously well (by their previous standards) and show a surprising amount of humanity and attention to the other. In a sentence, they feed each other's ego better than anyone else has so far.

When not wrangling Lucifer, Chomie works in ergate management - specifically housekeeping. He puts in orders for stock and supplies (like soap, shampoo, sanitizer, etc.) and also checks up the rooms after the housekeeping team has gone through them. He's a bit notorious for how nitpicky and obstinate he is, but Chomie gets the job done well.





About me

Phonetics cho-me

Age Adult

Height 9'02"

Race Ant (Aner)

Spectrum Lesser God

Affinity Cleanliness


Best Friend-

ThemeSaturday Night

Hi, I'm Chomie!! I like to clean & I help manage ergate housekeeping!! Please let me know if you need anything prettied up!! :>

  • Spearmint gum
  • High-tempo music
  • Action movies
  • Presents
  • You!!!
  • Coworkers
  • Pain
  • Smoking (eww!!)
  • Envy
  • Dick pics

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Ultredan 2nd, 10,231

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Personal Info

BirthdayTeltriidan 22

Era 3,651

Universe Hantel










Professional Skills

  • Problem solving
  • Strong work ethic
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self motivated

Personal Skills

  • Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  • Dependability


Work Experience

current workplace: HELL COLONY

  • Works as head of housekeeping, promoted ages ago
  • Manages ergates & directs their cleaning schedules, inspects rooms and halls they've cleaned, personally cleans important rooms (such as gyne chambers)
  • Reports to Focalor, Hell's head of ergate management



  • Trained to be a combat aner when he was younger, but failed out of the classes and ended up in ergate management 
  • Passed management classes with decent grades, although was not top of class
  • Studied Anthropology in his free time


Anatomy Ref

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Chomie is an Ant, and has two feelers/antennae sprouting off the top of his head. These enable him to pick up on subtle messages between himself and other Ants, as well as their hormones/read the atmosphere of the room. His mouth is full of sharp teeth, and his tail is small and fat, almost akin to a lizard's tail. He also has four arms.

He exclusively keeps his hair incredibly neat, taking painstaking care of it during his daily routine, with plenty of styling product added. Coupled with his hair, Chomie tends to wear formal outfits, especially his suit - part of living cleanly is the appearance, after all!

Typical expressions include disconcerting politeness and smiles. It's not that he looks actively malicious, but there's always something off about the way he smiles. Chomie can be drawn getting gored by Lucifer, but no standalone gore art is allowed!


• Favorite color is lavender
• Favorite season is Autumn
• Favorite memory is meeting his new roommate!!
• Favorite foods are hard candies that don't stain
• Strongest sense is smell
• Strongest taste is bitter
• Right-handed
• Is ticklish in the ribs
• Favorite thing about Lucy is their shared dynamic
• Knows how to play guitar but rarely ever talks about it
• Never took formal training, but has a nice singing voice and hums to himself when cleaning
• Shittalks his coworkers at any chance he gets; despises all of them (including his supervisor)
• Keeps a pack of hand wipes in his pocket at all times
• Thinks dinergates are stupid brutes, and avoids them whenever he can
• Reported Phenex's shrine to Satan because he was jealous Phenex was allowed in, and Chomie wasn't (because Satan didn't like the way Chomie cleaned/organized)
• Piss-poor and unhelpful during raids or battles, but does have mild proficiency with a taser baton for emergencies
• The baton was a gift from a gyne that especially liked him (as much as a gyne can give gifts beyond telling another aner to buy and bring the present themself)