Kaiser S. Lancaster



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The Blackbird
Kaiser S. Lancaster  
Age: Appears to be in his late twenties
 Date of Birth:  Unknown

Gender: Genderfluid - Prefers male 
Species: Immortal human - Symbiotic immortality class
Occupation: Banker, Criminal, 'Cleaner', Gambler, Socialite
Orrientation: Pansexual - Aromantic
Voice:  x
Theme:  x

 Gold is Power.
  • Height :  5'11"
  • Weight : 182 lbs
  • Hair color : Dark seal brown
  • Eye color :  Teal
    He exists in a sort of uncanny valley, appearing human but there is something about his face that becomes unsettling upon close inspection. It is a carefully manicured appearance formed by high cheekbones and thin lips. His grin seems to be the source of the feeling, teeth not belonging to any animal.  His hair curls in a somewhat wild wave with its undercut style. The sides kept short and gelled through just enough to keep the shape pointed up. His eyebrows are thick with eyes a teal sort of shade usually kept hidden behind designer shades.  His nose is in a way sleek, slender and sloping down through his face.  He has a strong jaw curving into his chin with normal sized ears. No piercings though he does appear to have a light freckles under his eyes and around his nose.  He only bares one mark on his skin, the small tattoo of a bird on his left wrist. 
     His height may vary, and his forms may change though this shape seems to be a comfort zone for him. Long legs with a shorter torso, well muscled though lean through the chest and shoulders. He keeps his cuts tailored and his boots expensive, everything that touches his skin is high quality and fitted, as if he could have it any other way. 
Kaiser is at his best, a well groomed businessman, socialite and hedonistic man. He lives his life for the thrill of it. He is impulsive, unrestrained and a tenacious businessman.  He is easy to anger when things aren't done exactally in the manner he specifies, and obsessively neat when it comes to his daily life. Though on the surface he seems to be a fun loving, joval man with lax attiude. 
This could not be further from the truth. He has become ruthless, a murderer in sheeps clothing ready above all else to protect those things he has deemed important enough for his personal interest.
Meat: the rarer the better, Cars, antique cars especially, musicians, black coffee, otters, sugar cookies, swimming, golf
Picky eater, elaborate deserts, chocolate, disorganization, newer concept cars, fake tans,
  • Very well acquainted with the world of assassination, he is a silent and deadly killer when he takes matters into his own hands.
  • Silver tongue -- Never been a more convincing liar.
  • Mechanical Ingenuity - The man knows his way around a car or anything with an engine really better than most do their own wives. Maybe he loves the cars more who knows.
  • Expert at close range combat, whether it be small arms, handguns or even his fists and teeth. It's rather a thrill to wrap your hands around someone's throat.

  • Cannibalistic shape-shifting
    The ability to substitute ones own dna structure for that of another.
    'Eating to become'

    Kaiser's unique ability involves consuming blood, flesh or other tissue from his intended victims. He ingests enough of their DNA to become them in shape, filling in the holes with the leftovers from other people he has digested over the years. Though they are never exact duplicates they are convincing enough to be passable to even close friends and family without asking some sort of intimate question. Sometimes he'll even keep people alive in order to harvest from them as long as he needs their form. Despite this lasting form of immortality, his memory is shoddy at best. A human brain cannot possibly hold the memories, 200 years of living have to offer. As a result his memories are scattered, between those he shares with his victims and his own sometimes making it difficult for him to function, even disorrienting.

  • Currently living in what could be considered a round shaped 'art deco' modern concrete house. The house is an 8 bedroom 10 bathroom 25,000 square foot complete with an in-house parking garage as well as work space. In home heating provided by solar and fire place with dark wood floors, furnished in a somewhat old fashioned - albeit modern style.

  • In his car collection he owns 32 cars, one amphibious vehicle, three motorcycles and one roadster kit car. The vehicles include his step fathers Delage DMS Roadster, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, Aston Martin One-77 and a Bugatti Veyron. The motorcycles include one BMW R51 German made from 1938 and a 2009 Indian motorbike.

  • Total assets put his Net Worth at around 2.3 billion dollars.

  •  For some strange reason he can't eat ground beef it makes him sick.

  • He cannot ever under any circumstance devour a person whole as it runs this risk of deleting the original blueprint.The only way truthfully to subdue his power is to starve him, which will revert him his natural and weaker state.

  • A high metabolism because of his ability means that this doesn't take long. When not consuming others his diet is extremely high in protein, largely consisting of red meat. 
  • Grandfather Wilhelm Lancaster (Deceased)
  • Grandmother : Felecity Duncan (Deceased)
  • Mother : Elizabeth Malarkey (Deceased)
  • Father : William Lancaster (Deceased)
  • Step Father : Rodger Banton (Deceased)
  • Step Sister : Marry-Ann Banton (Deceased)
  •  First wife : Alexandria Naves Lancaster -Deceassed-
  •  Son: Dexter P. Lancaster  
  • Daughter: Isabella Lancaster
Kaiser was born to a poor family who lived above a butcher shop in New York. Family owned by his Grandfather Wilhelm, then passed to his father William the second it seemed like a profitable life  for the family. And Kaiser to would learn a thing or two about how to butcher pigs. However this life wasn't good enough for William, not after seeing how great things could have been. Invited by chance for drinks by a close friend he would enter into a strange world ruled by Gods whose names no one had bothered to remember. And these gods would do battle in the streets of New York, so long as they had the flesh to spare that is. 
Kaiser's childhood was a hard one, schooling cut short his job became to help at the family butcher shop while his father tried to make it big in the gang wars moving to overtake the city. Something his Grandfather disaproved of greatly. And in the end he was right about Kaiser's father, doing something like this would only end up getting him killed. He would be shot dead in an alleyway after an affair of business turned into one of pleasure.
Moving on after the death of his father, Kaiser was hesitant to take in his new Stepfather Robert Barton. Though he would have little choice in the matter and eventually the two would find common ground, Robert helping Kaiser secure a better future for himself, he'd finish school and become a banker, just like his Stepfather. 
However it must have been something in their blood, the Lancaster's would always be butchers in the end. While attending a party he would meet the Irishmen Sean Delany, and enter into a criminal underground unlike that of which he had ever seen. However the high cost of entry was one he would seen have to pay, and it was blood magic that would destroy him. 
He had been drunk and Sean had told him the story, the story of a ships doctor and the crew, how every one of them had been slaughtered by a tiger aboard the ship when it returned to England's harbor. How a temple of monks had cursed the tiger to live forever after it stole the nectar of a flower in order to live forever.
He had spat out most of the blood but the high he would ride after the ritual would last forever. The process had left him better off dead in the bedroom of a Brooklyn hotel, vomiting into the toilet for hours.  He was a changed man, a better one, a mutant, a god, who knew. 
The ramapage went on for a good while after that, until the golden age of bank robbery would come to an end, the era of Al Capone was at it's last high note and Kaiser realizing that he needed to secrure his future, got himself thrown into the one place he knew he could have outlived anything.
Living in Alcatraz was easy if you had the money. Even for a man of his tastes he'd convinced himself by then he could live off raw, cheap cuts of meat. For a time he survived, though barely. The only person who knew he was here. The one person he had upset the most, he had cared about the most. His beloved mother, sending him a letter once a week.
Sending letters to her sweet little blackbird.
He would leave the prison, seperate from his old teammates it was time to see what the future would hold for the young immortal who survived on the flesh of his victims. Never far from the money he set himself up as an investment banker, settling into the flow of the worlds economy that would carry him to the future.
In todays world he works as a stock broker, that's what's on his card anyway. But the lively criminal underground is never too far behind him.