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the forbidden fruit is now finally within my grasp,,, bio from a contest i lost but remade,, subject to delete / change because i don't know if i like this story for ken yet

《 Basics 》

× Kenny ×

Ken | Baroque | Dante

 Male  | Adult | Height | Hoofed fox monster

Sassy | Seemingly innocent | Manipulative | Unpredictable | Mischievous | Cunning | Needlessly crude | Sing-songy | Mysterious | Fickle | Teasing


× why should I have to abide by your rules? I choose my own path in life, whether you agree with it or not~ ×




× Overview:


× Ken in short, is a very mysterious individual. He generally doesn't give away much about himself till he personally feels like it's needed. If questions are asked about himself or what does in life, he'll simply go around the question by asking another one in return. He does this to draw the person out, asking questions that would make a person think more that the average question would. Slightly alluding to himself and falsely promising how he'll answer any questions the person may have for him, as long as they answer him first. He quite enjoys doing this really. It keeps things a bit interesting for him. The anticipation of the things to come, the feeling of being on the edge of your seat. just waiting for the answers you've oh so patiently but excitedly been waiting for-- to only be sorely disappointed. In fact, Ken had never planned to actually tell the person anything in the first place. it's really hard to determine what he will say or do next because he's so unpredictable and careful about the attitude he gives off. He doesn't want to ruin his fun and have the person find out what he really is before he's had his fill. It's really just all a game to him. He loves to give someone false hope and tease or poke at people. He's not fully a bad person but he's definitely not a fully good one either. He is very fickle and often switches sides of what he thinks is morally right, getting bored of keeping a certain view for too long.

Overall, he does tend to lack the normal empathy one would have for people. He doesn't have value for people as a whole and sees others as boring or useless unless he can find opportunities to mess with them. He lacks morals and has no problem with making up lies to get others hurt for fun or pretending to "help" someone in need, only to purposely double cross them. He likes the reactions and looks of betrayal he gets-- when someone finally realizes his true nature and asks him why he does what he does, he simply states that it was the own person's fault for trusting him in the first place. His attitude will change from the seemingly innocent one, to a more harsh and uncaring one. teasing the person in a sing-song voice.


"do I really and truly look like a trustworthy person? What really is trust? Can you truly trust a person without  solid evidence to back up that they are indeed trustworthy? Or was is simply a emotion or feeling that you had about me? Wanting to believe and have hope in me when you didn't even fully understand anything." 


He is extremely manipulative as well and likes to play "games" with people as one of his past times. Feeding on their emotions and using certain tactics to get emotional responses out of the person. He plays the role well, acting like the innocent party in a situation. His favorite thing is pretending to be wrongly hurt by hunters, begging for help and faking pain and tears all the while. Even if he does seem to give off an odd, shifty feeling, as if he's got something to hide, most people will still try to blindly help him because of their sympathy. The person will soon end up regretting this choice, as Ken will eventually lead them down a path of fabricated lies and and inevitable path to their doom.

He lives in a rural forest area, which is perfect for his games and also happens to be the same area that Ghenia lives in. Although it is a different section of the forest. Travelers tend to take hikes there because of the beautiful scenery but soon get easily lost from Ken's antics. Whether it's by him taking their map, path markers, ect. he will get the person lost till night comes around, then he puts on his sob story display.

■ Speech:

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■ Afflictions: 

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■ | Others: 

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《 Others and Extras》

■ Physical Description:

× Marble fox x cow mix

Other Notes:

× Cheeks always have a pinkish-red hue

■ Abilities:

× General info on how the character uses their abilities or how they fight.

| pain tolerance:

he no "full" sense of pain. he can be hurt or damaged without it phasing him, but he can feel bad if he is hurt enough.

| hypno eyes:

eyes give off and create a hypnotic effect if stared at directly for too long. 

| illusions

he can create illusions and make the effected person see things that aren't really there.

| Misc :

liargood at lying without being caught

physical abilities: generally has good speed / agility and can climb trees to hide in.

■ Extra and Misc. Facts:

▪ He likes night time the best and tends to be out or more active around this time

▪ He wears a dark colored cloak to blend in with his forest surroundings

▪ His lack of empathy with people may be because be cannot overall be physically hurt or feel pain-- making his view and value of life different

▪ he tends to have injuries that are from his own doing when tricking others but some ones are from actual hunters, traps, poking his nose where is shouldn't be ect.

Accessories / Inventory:

■ a dark colored cloak