Rachel Simmons



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the stubborn assistant

Name Rachel Simmons

Age 28

Gender Female (cis)


police rankSecond in Command


Rachel Simmons, or more commonly known as Commissioner Simmons, is the second in command of the (almost nonexistent) Sunflower Square Police Force. Although Sunflower Square hasn't faced any real dangers that requires the usage of the extent of her talent, her serious demeanor makes it seem like it's the heart of London. 


The young Rachel's biological parents had a harsh relationship, the couple divorcing and none of them ever feeling a connection to their daughter. Gay couple Matthew and John Simmons were looking to adopt as a child, as they both wanted one and wanted to be parents. They adopted Rachel and began the family they had wanted. Matthew and John were always fans of police-related shows, watching them around Rachel in her youth. She sat down and watched them with them, becoming extremely fascinated in law enforcement. Throughout her years of public school, she became friends with boys easier than with fellow girls. 

-Becoming What She Is Now-

Rachel went to law school to become a police officer, not thinking any other job would suit her as well. She got the job, and became an officer near London. Despite her efforts to keep up and do her job right, it was a bit too much stress for her, although she kept these feelings in. She had told her parents, and they had found a job opening in a small town, and recommended that to her. She waved them goodbye and moved to Sunflower Square, keeping the cold demeanor she gained from her past of constantly hiding stress. She quickly became the second in command, her stress disappearing. Although her job isn't much and she's not too good at showing it, she appreciates the community of the town. 



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