Allen L. Foster



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Allen L. Foster

"Life isn't easy"
Basic Info

Name Allen L. Foster
Age 25
Height 5'5
Weight 198 lbs
Gender Male
Species Human
Dictionary # English-French-Chinese
Occupation Works as a detective
Orientation Bisexual
Design Notes

  • Must have glasses, can not see without them
  • Hair is always messy as he doesn't clean his hair much
  • Has a tatto on his neck
  • Has self harm scars all along his arms
  • Has a second tattoo of the Zelda mark on his right side

  • Allen's uncle and anut took care of him most his childhood, but they weren't best parents as they would abuse him and treat him like shit
  • He moved out at 16, that's when the self harm started
  • Once he joined the ploice force he worked on getting better and started going o threapy to help him
  • Once he was 23 he stopped cutting himself
  • Allen helps androids on the street from people who would beat them, so he tends to come home beaten up
  • Allen has a hard time getting a girlfriend/boyfriend
  • His best friend is a fashion artist

Allen is a veyr loving guy, he has a heart of gold and only see's the best in people, even if he hates them. he try's his best to help people/androids. he hates to see people in pain/upset/hurt so he try's his best to cheer them up. he is very artistic, always found drawing or making things. Allen can be a gentle guy, doesn't like to fight but will if needed. he is also very musical, he can be found humming or singing when cooking or cleaning. he can be a bit fearful, diving into situations without thinking. he trust people way to easily, which is bad for him. Allen is depressed, he hates to talk about his feelings and keeps them bottled up, not wanting to bother people with his problmes. He can be way to nice which people tend to use against him. He is very emotional and tends to cry over a lot of things. he has anger issues, can't really control them well. he will hold a grugde after a fight, even if the fight was about a week ago, he will not let it go completely. he is a sarcastic shit. he can be very protective and is always scared of his friends getting hurt. he falls in love way to easily, see's a cute boy/girl and if they act nice towards him he's in love. he can be very aventurous, always loves to be doing something. he can be a huge pervert, always thinking dirty thought, you can't tell he is as he keeps a straight face the whole time, he can also be a very chessy flirt. he is very clumsy, drops things, knocks them over, cut's himself on random things, bumps into things, yeah..just plain clumsy. he is a stubborn shit, it's hard to change his mind on somethings. he can he quiet, doesn't like to talk unless it's something he likes. he is a bit distanced from people, and anito - social, has a hard time talking to people and making friends


  • sea food, sushi, being alone, sleeping, music, romance,
  • visual media, swimming, spiritual themes, horror/gore anything, anime/manga,
  • video games, big comfy clothes, coffee, food, drawing, playing his ukulele,
  • singing, goats, cats, rainy days, motorcycle's, acting, cosplaying, androids

  • needles, heights, know-it-all, being criticized, the past coming back to haunt,
  • cruelty of any kind, showing off a lot of skin, people bothering him, being alone for to long,
  • people watching him draw or sing, making people cry or hurt them,
  • people talking shit about themselves, not being able to help people, him self
  • people trying to help him with money

Allen's parents died in a car crash when he was 5, he was the only one to survive. his aunt and uncle took custody of him after his parents where announced dead. Allen from then on was abused by his aunt and uncle, once he was sexual abused by his uncle when he was 12 he was to scared to ever tell anyone what was happening and still is scared even though he doesn't live with them anymore. he was home schooled so never had friends growing up and was stuck inside all the time, finally at 16 he got a car and moved away in a apartment. it was very hard to live at just 16 with a poor job and barely had any food at the time. tell he finally got a job at the police station at 18 and from then on worked there as a detective


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