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basil_realism_wip_by_sylarsushicat_dcz36Basil Genovere

(Bah-zil Jen-oh-veer)

Nickname: Bas

He/Him or They/Them 

Occupation: Arcturus Guild-Member, Inventor, Theoretical Alchemist, Prosthetist

29 years (as of meeting Thym)

Asexual Aromantic

Birthday: November 28th

Sagittarius? I doubt it but okay...

6'1" or 185 cm

Alignment: Neutral Good


Face-claim: Adrien Brody

Eye color: Brown

Bops: 🎵  🎵  🎵   🎵 

Character Playlist

Prominent Character Traits:

  • Reserved
  • Avoidant and Evasive
  • Unconversational
  • Secretive and Untrusting
  • Serious
  • Responsible
  • Adaptive
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Giving
  • Perfectionist
  • Critical
  • Snobby
  • Driven


Distinguished scientist found hard at work at the Arcturus Guild making inventions and studying Theoretical Alchemy.  He has a personal side business crafting mechanical prostheses and rehabilitating individuals who've lost limbs.  Among all of this he has a well kept private life and often disappears for days at a time with no explanation. He is distant to most of everyone except for Thym, his apprentice. 

Any free time he can spare from private matters, he tends to spend at Arcturus or at his office. Creative work is something he can’t hide or avoid for very long,  getting antsy if not able to work on projects that are adequately challenging. Tinkering and creating is often therapeutic for Basil. Before finding a place like Arcturus to work on inventions without scrutiny, Basil struggled a lot more. He takes his responsibilities very seriously.  Basil forced himself to grow up pretty quickly. He never liked people defining him as childish and always tried to prove the contrary.

Basil is extremely adverse to bonding and connecting with others. In addition to ASD, He has a lot he feels he needs to hide and thinks that personal connections slow him down and that they might even put him in danger. Basil is not past ghosting someone who has bothered him to open up too often.  When faced with discomfort Basil might flee or find a half decent reason to leave instead of dealing with it.  

One thing Basil cannot handle is being flirted with. Not only is it extremely personally invasive, Basil doesn't experience attraction and feels uncomfortable when people make advances on him. Though, he honestly has a hard time discerning between friendly interactions and flirty interactions... so both can make him a bit nervous.  Basil would rather avoid casual conversation altogether, let alone those flirtatious in tone.  Despite this, Basil can talk and debate at length about subjects he has knowledge, interest, or care for.  He's  been known to stand up for the study of Alchemy (in previous years it was taboo), and verbally fight for the creative and intellectual rights  of others. He lectures regularly on Alchemy, Invention, and other  studies at Arcturus.

Basil is un-empathetic in a direct fashion, this is something he has to work on as he develops personal relationships with Thym and others.  His empathy shines when working on things for others, prosthetics or gifts… He is not very emotionally mature. He hasn’t faced a lot of his emotional struggles, and avoids emotional situations when possible.   When faced with his own emotional struggles, he buries himself in work and projects to distract his thoughts and feelings. This doesn't always work, and those are bad days for Basil.

He will accept the nickname "Bas", but little else.


  • Quiet Days In
  • Libraries
  • Helping others
  • Personal Freedom
  • Playing Piano


  • Fear Tactics
  • Flirting
  • Talking about himself

Basil Q&A:

What are they proudest of?  

Basil feels great pride in making things that are useful and change others lives for the better. Overall they just want to have a positive effect on the world. 

He takes pride also in his ability to share knowledge and stand up for important things.

What is their biggest regret?

Basil regrets very little and makes a point to not dwell on things he can't change.  

He often regrets that he couldn't do more to affect his situation with Taragon. This is one thing he hasn't been able to move past. 

He realizes that he has no power to change things that have already happened and he feels that everything really does happen for a reason. There's very little point in wondering how things could have gone differently.  He clings to his belief that things happened the way they did for him because that is what HAD to happen. He doesn't like to think of everything as in flux or chaotic. He likes to see fate  as on a defined path. Something that happens later challenges this ideal of Basil's and oof. He struggle. 

What is with his... style?

Elements of Basil's style are a homage to Taragon, his childhood mentor he looked up to. Particularly his monocle, which does help him see clearly as he's farsighted in his left eye. His goatee/soul patch is also a bit of a nod to Tar. Basil fully shaves every so often. Usually before going on a voyage. But he likes his little triangle patch :>

Basil usually dresses pretty lowkey. He avoids bright colors or designs that draw the eye. He likes to look professional but doesn't want attention.

At a fancy event where everyone else is also dressed nice,  Basil would feel comfortable dressing up a bit more, and might actually enjoy the opportunity.  

Basil actually has some interest and knowledge in fashion, but he doesn't have time to focus on it nor does he particularly want others to think him overly fashionable.

Basil prefers to only wear a couple of layers of clothing. Button down and vest is his go-to. It’s easier for him as his metalwork arm can be somewhat bulky/hard to get in an out of clothes. Vests work since sleeves aren't an issue. If he does have sleeves, he’s had them tailored to have buttons/clasps to make it easier to wear around his arm. 

Is his arm robotic?

Starting midway down his upper arm and ending at the wrist, is a metalwork clockwork arm. It makes use of his own energy instead of running on steam. There are wires/tubes running through the arm that connect Basil’s nerve-responses as well as circulation from his arm to the hand. Pistons inside help send the signals, the force of basils heartbeat actually helps this process too. (Ehhhh I gotta write more on this)

The hand is detachable from the wrist, as well as the arm from Basil’s stump (hate that word oh)

Using the arm required a lot of physical therapy and training. Honing Nerve and muscle response is important to the body acclimating to using the prosthetic efficiently. The elbow joint  works through a ball and socket, Basil can actually reach his arm in ways other people cannot- but it rarely comes up.

It takes basil about a year of training for him to gain usage of his replacement arm that feels as natural as his original. The first prototype of his arm is received soon after going to Arcturus to study. And it was a gift from Fenugreek, a godfather of sorts. 

And his handwriting with his right hand is different from left.

Their answer to the trolley problem? 

He'd base whether or not to save people on whether or not the person they know is worthwhile to Basil. Basil would save Thym over a group of strangers FOR SURE. Basil would likely feel guilty for his bias towards those he's connected with. He would feel regretful for any loss of life that's his fault, maybe unless its that of corrupt or nasty people. 

Where do they feel the happiest?

Basil feels happiest when they can work on their true passions without ridicule or anything holding them back. Having the support of the scientific world and their inventions has given them an outlet for their passion, and has bolstered their pride greatly. 

Basil realizes upon bonding further with recurring shipmates, that being free to express himself a little more openly is something they are very happy with and thankful for. Basil never expected they could be open with anyone, let alone an entire crew/family.  

What would a friend say their best trait is?

  A friend might mention that Basil is very proficient at remaining cool-headed/collected even in heated situations.

Or that Basil actually has a heart of gold, he's giving and wants to help others, but he rarely shows that part of himself very plainly. 

Basil would think his best trait is his dedication to doing things the right way. 

What would a friend say their worst trait is?

Basil being dismissive and avoiding others has got to be the biggest issue for most people.  Many people have tried to be friendly with him but Basil acts as if they are endangering him or bothering him. 

Others dislike Basil’s tendency to put down their ideas for small flaws, Basil is just being honest about the issues they see and not trying to stop anyone from sharing or working through their ideas- but Basil is blunt and is bad at approaching criticism gently. Basil often gives opinions and critiques when they are unasked for if Basil is interested in something someone is making, and its actually somewhat of a compliment if Basil takes enough interest to give feedback ( although their doing so without others asking first is PRETTY RUDE) 

How does Basil deal with loss? 

His compartmentalizing skills help some here.

On principle he tries not to dwell on death and make things the best they can be for the living.

Struck by a bigger loss, Basil might put all their attention to working, trying to keep their mind distracted and focusing into any project that might improve the lives of others. 

Despite being distant and not confronting emotions regarding death, Thym’s death would not be something Basil would be able to easily push aside or distract from. I feel like Basil would try their typical methods of distraction, trying to reroute the negative feelings associated with loss into something positive and productive that Thym would have approved of, but Basil wouldn't be able to focus or bring themselves to put their heart into projects at first.

Basil would eventually reach out to other friends and colleagues, and use their friendship to get through such a difficult loss.   

What is their fighting style?

Basil is not willing to put himself in the thick of danger most of the time.  In drastic situations when it's unavoidable, Basil will fight but he will do so as carefully as possible. Basil has very little reservations in protecting himself when necessary.

His weapon of choice is his pistol, which he is comfortable enough with. He uses it defensively and from a safe distance from his target. 

Thym eventually trains him to sword fight but Basil would much rather use a gun than any other weapon. 

Basil has very little reservations in protecting himself when necessary.

More about his job? and studies?

He became well-versed in Neuro Robotics through necessity. He has to upkeep and replace parts for his arm.  Making metal-work prosthetics luckily is also mentally stimulating. It makes use of his innovative problem solving skills as he works to replace a limb just in the way a person might need. 

He uses this skill to help others who need and deserve it and he doesn't do this work for the monetary aspect. (If neuro-gadetry is done right and well, it can make quite the pretty penny). Basil's a bit notorious for turning down commission requests to people who are very well off. 

As far as his theorhetical alchemy gig goes, he first became interested in the subject when Basil inherited some alchemy texts that had been Taragon’s. Fenugreek kept them and thought Basil would want them. 

Basil likes the puzzle/ problem-solving aspect of reading through and translating old alchemical texts. The level of secrecy Alchemists practiced is very intriguing to him.

Studying alchemy and making it accessible knowledge to others is a large part of Basil’s work with Arcturus. He has made a name for himself in the field, which Basil is somewhat proud of. He is humble about it though.

He doesn’t practice alchemy primarily because it has the potential to be dangerous if done incorrectly/without careful thought. Despite being an expert and knowing exactly how to do alchemical transmutations safely, Basil doesn’t want to risk it.  He is protective of himself and doesn’t want  to take a chance if something were to go wrong or if his practicing of it brought unwanted attention or scrutiny to him. 

Does he have hobbies?

Studying, reading, listening to live music, and he used to play piano but has no time for it anymore.

Favorite Music?

Paramore man. He loves his Paramore.

Canon answer- he likes live music, anything from punk rock to classical piano/violin!

Favorite Food/Drink?

Basil is a bit picky with food. And sometimes he gets distracted/busy with work and forgets to eat. But that's not an answer to this question hahaha. 

Some favorites include Quiche, Fruit Crepes, Ratatouille, Pesto pasta and Tomato soup!

Basil has been known to like a fine wine every now and then. He has a 1 drink limit, and doesn't drink particularly strong drinks, or ones from untrustworthy sources. 

Mixed drink wise, He would likely love a Basil Gimlet. 

He likes tea and strong coffee, and will often make a pot of tea for himself and Thym for them to drink as they work. If Thym isn't around Basil defaults to coffee.  

What is Basil's Secret? 

You can find out when we reveal it through the Basil and Thym Illustrated web-story!  Only then!


When Basil tinkers around with things not relating to prosthetics, he  will sometimes ask his apprentice, Thym, for his input on what he's  working on. It's kinda nice to have more opinions at times, and can even  lead to him implementing some of the suggestions Thym gives him. That's  sometimes though, not all the time. Basil can still be a bit hesitant  sharing what he's working on from when he wasn't at Arcturus and his  tinkering was scrutinized, if not looked down upon, by others. @Helnyxx 

I can not only imagine Basil's voice being that of Slade from Teen  Titans, but that he also doesn't have a brain to mouth filter when it  comes to people flirting with him so often times, there will be a "piss  off." spout out before someone walks off in a huff Mercenary_Ike

Basil sounds maybe a little lonely, secluding himself. I think he'd  have a cat companion that matches his personality, to keep him content  when he doesn't want to interact with others. He doesn't like talking  about himself... but maybe to his cat. Alphanix


Little animated sequence I did of the duo in action!