Reader (Paige Turner)



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Age: 26-31
Occupation: Canadian Armed Forces - Search and Rescue Division
Role: Support
Summary: Reader is a mobility-based hero, whose major focus is providing additional movement to teammates.

Primary Fire / Left Click: [ Nonlinear Rifle ] Charge-based energy rifle that releases a beam reaching short to long-distance range. The longer the charge is held, the further the beam reaches, and the more powerful the shot. (It’s literally just a smaller, much less powerful Spartan Laser, hence the name.)

Alt Fire / Right Click: [ Platform ] Placement of a floating platform (scroll function adjusts incline). Provides increased movement speed to allies who come into contact with it, but any platforms built are also fully accessible to enemies. Stays intact so long as she is interacting with it (right-click is held down); otherwise, the platform dissipates after a short period of time.

L-Shift: [ Rappel ] Fires a rappelling tool that can be used to pull Reader to a height directly above herself, or to dangle Reader from a ledge. The latter can be used to hang from cliffs and other drop-off points non-lethally.

E: [ Grounding Strip ] Sets down a trap that activates an AOE which prevents all enemies caught in it from jumping / leaving the ground for a short period of time.

Ultimate: [ Evacuation Call ] Sets down a physical beacon that can be destroyed by enemies. So long as the beacon remains intact, Reader can issue an evacuation order to all allies with a countdown timer of about six seconds. Allies can opt-in and choose whether or not to immediately teleport to the current location of the beacon regardless of current status effects, though status effects are maintained for their normal duration of time post-evac.