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✦ Myt@
Name Myt@
Gender Male
Age 28
Species Hybrid Sternhaut/Glitch
Occupation Wandering Barista + Fashion Model
Sexuality Pan/Aro
Theme Graveyard Whistling
✦ About

Myt@ was born into a generation of Sternhaut that were already assigned a death date due to the increasing infection rate of the sickness killing off their species. He never knew his parents growing up, and for the most part kept to the rules of the colony to keep infections, until about a year before his graduation. Sexual curiosity killed the cat, or in this case, gave him an infection that slowly causes all his internal organs to start failing. Desperate to keep himself from dying early, Myt@ ended up turning towards a black market scientist that specializes in trying to find a cure for the Sternhaut Plague through volunteer experimentation.

After a few years in testing, in and out of surgery, genetic modification and some very painful and intrusive procedures... Myt@'s condition wasn't cured. He was another failed experiment, now spliced with another species, as well as injected with various nano-tech to monitor his condition moving forwards. As per the compensation for volunteering for it though, he's set up with the funds to live out the rest of his short life comfortably. With that, he set forth traveling, wanting to see as much of the universe before he passes.

✦ Work

Myt@ doesn’t need to work, as he’s compensated in all aspects of his life thanks to his previous volunteer situation. But wracked with boredom and worried about not leaving anything of himself behind when he dies, Myt@ has gotten into modeling, specifically for street fashion companies. He loves using his unique looks to help show off clothing and accessories in interesting ways, an idea he got after seeing another Sternhaut that was into modeling as well. Between modeling gigs he sometimes finds a coffeeshop location where he can get to know the locals across the counter, finding it easier to socialize with people in controlled, timed interactions. Usually after a year or two, he'll move onto a new location.

✦ Magic Univeristy AU

Myt@ in his travels ends up finding the Magic University, a particularly interesting school for their openness in accepting all walks of life into their walls. Always wanting to have been able to finish some form of education, he spends about three years attempting to major in calligraphy, before giving up due to his illness constantly keeping him from completing classes. Not wanting to leave this place he had finally started getting comfortable in, he ends up getting a job at the school’s coffee shop, where he works when he’s able to, and occasionally takes a single class here or there. He has fun remembering people’s orders and getting to know them through their daily quick interactions at the counter.

✦ Relationships
108 Good friend, many similarities despite differences. Soft, comfortable.
Dust Landlord, friend and occasional cuddle buddy. Very cute, prefers tea.
August Favourite Professor, handsome, avid coffee drinker. Dash of caramel.
Isa Intimidating, frustratingly immortal. All of the snacks, extra sugary drink.
Oswin Enjoyable company, chill. Turkish coffee with extra sugar.
Paul Fun company, sometimes a little too loud. Specialy option.
Jake Reminds of home. Friend of Paul's, would like to know better.
✦ Sternhaut/Glitch Hybrid

Myt@’s body is a unique hybrid of his original Sternhaut form, and injections of a Glitch-being that’s been found on the edges of the universe. This has created an odd combination of traits:

⋆ Myt@’s skin reflects the sky around him, so it will change based on his location. But it changes very slowly as he moves, so there’s not a lot of difference unless someone is specifically looking for it. Specific constellations and locations can sometimes be identified though.

⋆ The bright blue parts of Myt@’s fur are actually gently glowing, as well as the stars on his skin. When he is unconscious or sleeping, all of these go dark, and he becomes almost a black void like form.

⋆ He is lighter than air, and will float if not weighed down by heavy clothing. Therefore, usually he’ll wear larger jackets and hoodies, or bigger shoes, to help him weigh down.

⋆ They’re very physically weak, and have trouble moving heavier objects. Too much manual labor will induce an Infection Attack

⋆ When Myt@ talks, he doesn’t need to open his mouth, though usually he does to imitate those around him. His words have little noises through them that are reminiscent of Geiger clicks, and the more emotional he is, the more clicks infect his voice.

✦ Infection Issues

Myt@’s infection is a widely transmitted decease that only effects his species but is carried among most people in his known universe. Due to the lack of symptoms in any other species, it usually goes completely undiagnosed, and only the Sternhaut and their direct allies are attempting to find a cure.

When Myt@ has an “attack” he usually goes into a state of extreme pain, to the point he can hardly move or communicate. Most of the time, it’s essentially just needing to wait it out as the nano-tech in his body, left from the experiments done during his volunteer time, try to recover his systems. If he’s lucky, he’ll either be checked into a health facility or around someone who can assist him in getting the proper nutrients during his recovery time but has been able to survive on his own as well. It doesn’t deter him from more adventurous situations, especially due to his accepting of his early death already. Myt@’s Infection Attacks can last from a few days to a few months.

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