Weenus (Arche Borkowski)



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"You Are More Human Than You Know."

Pre-arc: Weenus is probably too average for his own good. Although born intersex, he was a planned child, and an only child, treated very well and loved fully by his parents. Weenus was born to the name Arche, and had an average life. He worked as a librarian until the age of 29, where he took intense passion and interest in robotics, which he has been working on robots for the past 13 years. Before his passion for robotics, he had a repuation being somewhat of a 'womanizer'.... 

He met a fellow Scientist named Faustus, and worked in cahoots with her for a few years before Faustus mysteriously dissapeared...

Main Arc: 

After years of research, a scientist by the code name Weenus had finally created a mecha suit for humans to operate in; a robotic suit to help save humans. But, the suit was called to action sooner than he anticipated. After Dr. Faustus showed up at his doorstep with her 17 year old daughter, named Matilda, he worked with her to improve the suit, learning that a rouge cyborg named Nick was attacking a nearby city. Weenus and Faustus fit the suit to fit Matilda. After Matilda defeated Nick, Faustus and her moved in with the scientist, and two years later, Weenus and Faustus got married. 


-Passionate Scientist Dad

-That's not real hair...

-Has at LEAST four kids. Used to not pay child support.

-6'4 feet tall, 153 lbs

-Poor coordination in walking, stumbles over himself a bit

-42 Years Old (needs new design)

-Birthname is Arche after a moon in the solar system

-intersex (Klinefelter (XXY))

-Uses He/Him pronouns

-Biromantic, Asexual

-Really loves birds!!

-3rd generation Polish immigrant

-Undiagnosed OCD