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Ryoko is a kickass bounty hunter Oni from Eden. A user of guns of all sorts. She also has her trusty Kanabo for when she has to get real close. Ryoko is one to fight for what she calls her own justice. She respects Eden's laws and police, but does not fully agree with them. Her bounty hunting is her way to bring justice to the world in her own way. She is indeed one of the Oni who live in Eden, who along with the demons, are more or less accepted, but some people are still rather apprehensive to the idea and keep their guard up. She is also one to find goods to sell to a peculiar Half Demon in the city. While she doesn't sell anything truly historical, she's still surprised she gets paid from bringing various goods into Elena's shop.

Ryoko also has made it a point to keep in contact with an odd woman of Shadow, Isra. Isra happens to have a lot of intelligence and information around Eden and even some other parts of the world. This information can range from handy, to a real life changer. Though, thus far the most important information Isra has bestowed upon the Oni is the location of the place with the best Sake. After all, Ryoko is an Oni. Not all Oni drink, but when one does, they usually go all out. Of course, this is her celebration of a job well done, not a preparation. At least in large quantities.

Ryoko tends to cycle her guns out of her collection, being a bounty hunter, she does have a better selection than most in Eden could say. She prefers assault rifles for smaller arms, and her custom 20mm cannon for the most important contracts. It's a select fire custom made weapon based on the looks of a Browning M2, just bigger, and with recoil compensation advancements to ease the use. Box fed to keep reload times shorter. She also has a chaingun firing 7.62 for when she still needs a lot of firepower, but not quite overkill. She can store these weapons in her vehicle, a custom machine built from an RV, but modified to maneuver well outside the city and off road to some degree, as well as armor plating, and even a roof mount for her largest guns. She's a skilled mechanic and keeps The Beast running herself. Unlike a lot of bounty hunters from Eden, she doesn't have any cybernetics, and doesn't really need them. She relies on her own strength.

A lot of Ryoko's contracts are in Eden. The city is pretty wonderful, but not perfect. She doesn't mind this, if she gets to clean her city up her way and get paid, she'll take it. But she can't help but hop on the chance for an out of city contract, something about living out of The Beast for awhile. Plus, she also might be able to pay a visit to Shalah, a snake demon who lives in the forest near Eden. The two met on one of Ryoko's first contracts, which she almost mistook the snake as her target, but was quick to realize that wasn't the case, and even got some help from her about the contract, completing it quickly with her help. They aren't the best of friends, but still good enough that they meet up once or twice a year.

There's also contracts where she'll go around the world, mostly to Irhynam, where she'll work with Bounty hunters who hail from around that city, and work together for some other bounties. Though she has tackled contacts in more places than the two cities and surrounding areas, they are just what make up most of her time bounty hunting.