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♦X U E♦

 Age: 24 

Species: Demon

Gender: Male

 Birthday: 12/11

 ♦P e r s o n a l i t y

Can seem kind but actually can say the boldest and creepiest things with a smiling face. Jealous and overprotective of those he likes. Even if he is pushed away he will STILL follow someone as some kind of dog, an annoying and potentially yandere dog. Has no real sense of personal space and will hug people or stay uncomfortably close with no warning beforehand. Cold hearted with people he doesn't give a fuck about. 

♦ E x t r a s ♦ 

-Likes to smoke a lot.

-Doesn't eat human food, eats energy from living things, which he can get with the touch. That's why he likes hugging so much.

-His hugs can let someone physically drained, but it's nothing hurtful. Just getting rest you should be fine.

- Due to being a demon, drinking and smoking doesn't hurt his body (alcohol will make him lose conciousness at most, he can´t get alcohol poisoning or get sick out of this)He abuses of this advantage and overspends on alcohol. Gets drunk frecuently. Also any other kind of human food will make him sick.

-Inmortal, which means he doesn't age, but he can be killed. He is literally only 24 tho, so he isn't aware.

-Has lived all of his life just as an ordinary "human". He doesn't care about hiding his horns or pointy teeth though, most of the time it just passes off like a weird fashion choice. 

-A talented gambler.

-His shirt literally says "fuck" backwards.

-He doesn't need to eat that often, once in a day is fine.

-His name is chinese, but he isn't chinese. He was given a name by his adoptive "parents" after a character of some chinese novel they read.

-By getting to meet another demon, he was told that each demon is meant to be related to (or just be the embodiment of) a sin respectively. Since Xue feeds on energy and often leaves people sleeping or feeling lazy and lives dodging any possible responsibility, is likely that he is related to sloth.