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Full name Ayaka Maruyama-Penep / 丸山彩華
Age 29
Pronouns She/her
Born in Havaiki City, Havaiki
A character from my ongoing web novel, Revolving Door!

Ayaka is always ready to jump on the next trend. Sweetened seaweed bubble tea just became the in-thing here, and you bet she's already its biggest connoisseur.

Brimming with decor and lunch date ideas, she's the only thing keeping Peyton's colourless management style from making itself felt in the Red Lotus Hotel's public image. She has more of a fashion sense than the rest of the hotel's management combined, and that suits her just fine. She stands out from them like a flower from the fields, and has become their mascot to the service staff.

Ayaka wears lots of reds, browns and oranges: truly reflective of her warm, rouge personality. Every now and then she'll throw on an unusual accessory to mix things up, though she consistently wears (real) red chrysanthemums, either in her hair or as a brooch.

She holds a bit of an uppity attitude towards those under her charge; only fellow managers and heads enjoy the privilege of lunchtime rendezvous along the river, while service and reception are relegated to the realm of "good morning"s in the halls and perfunctory birthday wishes.


Ayaka was born on the island to a fairly well-to-do couple, and grew up in a neighbourhood south of the Havaiki River. Her parents separated when she was nine; without her father in her life, her mother hadn't the force of personality to control her choices and activities. She got employed at Kahe Mau'u (a favourite haunt) at fourteen, where she got familiar with the Red Lotus employees who passed through during lunch hour, none of whom could resist her natural waitressing charm.

In the end, duty or a desire for an anchor brought her back to her previously vague ambition of getting a degree. She started in hospitality and then transferred into management because she couldn't stand the classes. Then she tried for a job at the hotel of her dreams. Ultimately she thrived because of her dual background (and the connections she had formed), and became its assistant manager.

Part of the reason she made it that far up the management chain, though no one wants to admit it, is her pep and charm, which serve her well in addition to a reasonable work ethic. As a worker, she certainly can't compare to the likes of Kahi, their workhorse HR manager, or the former financial controller and new hotel manager, Peyton. But she's got a flair for public-facing interaction that Peyton could not possibly do without, with their stiff and oftentimes bumbling demeanour.


Peyton manages the Red Lotus Hotel, having gained that position through nepotism their uncle's good graces. Though Ayaka has been assistant manager since Jace's days and thought she'd be next for the managerial position, she doesn't particularly mind that they're the new head. She couldn't handle all that paperwork anyway; face of the management suits her much better.

She knows about their history with Kalani, having seen it from afar at university, and from time to time still teases them about it.

Jason Crowley Peyton's uncle and the previous manager, Jace is cool but firm, and favoured Ayaka almost as much as he did his own family member. Even though he's retired (with a considerable fortune to his name) he still meets Ayaka and Peyton over lunch and tea from time to time.
  • Ayaka's favourite fusion restaurant, Kahe Mau'u, sits far downstream on the Havaiki River. They do bubble tea, among other things, but bubble tea's the most important menu item as far as Ayaka is concerned.
  • Ayaka's favourite flower is the red chrysanthemum, which she grows a lot of in her garden; she likes to wear it in various ways.
  • She unironically likes the vaporwave aesthetic and music, as well as cheesy 80s/90s music in general.
  • She has a hell of a singing voice, deep and jazzy, but she doesn’t let anyone know it.