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- The content this profile is based on is 15+. Please do not lurk nor interact if you are younger than 15!
- The following characters and stories contain dark themes such as death, trauma, abuse, violence, and sexually suggestive themes (not on a pornographic level, but it's definitely something that is mentioned).
- Traits and events are not glorified, romanticized, nor demonized unless publicly and clearly stated. I do not support any sort of violence. 


- Do not associate my creations with any sort of sexual abuse. It is not present and I do not want it to be put in headcanons, fanarts, AU's, etc.
- Do not create pornographic content of my characters if you are a minor. Do not create pornographic content of sonas or characters that are minors.
- Do not create or consume ship art of Alstery or Kaostery (fanmade ships Alfred x Mystery and Kao x Mystery. They are not canon and never will be), ships including abuse, minors (even if it's minor x minor) or incest.

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