Name: Casper Prince
Called: Casper, Prince, Asshole
Age: 670 (Born 1330)
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Build: Lean
Origin: Unknown
Race: Demon
Role: Public nuisance, professional drunkard, Chaotic Deity
Alignment: Himself
Status: Asshole (Single and always mingling)

Casper is...Hyper. He is almost always either drunk, or close to it. He is flirty and excitable when drunk, and very friendly most of the time, though in a passive-aggressive sort of way, Like, in a "I like you but don't do anything that'll kill my vibe or I'll kill your family" sort of way. He's needlessly violent, almost always trying to start fights, or joining them if he wasn't the instigator. He isn't scared of people, even the ones that can kick his ass. He's strangely calm when sober, it's like he's a different person. He's able to hold a full conversation without daydreaming or getting sidetracked, and isn't as angry, though he is still pretty angry. He's a tolerable person all in all, but if you have a short temper or you dislike excitable people, Casper's your worst nightmare.








Casper is not charismatic at all. He is a bit of an asshole, and is almost always causing fights, arguments, or altercations one way or another. He dislikes sitting still, and can be very fidgety and annoying when he doesn't want to sit still.


  • Whiskey
  • Theme Parks
  • Annoying people
  • Flirting with people way out of his league


  • Apples
  • Silence
  • Sitting still
  • Chickens










Casper spouts off about something interesting that has nothing to do with the situation at hand, effectively distracting himself and his opponent, usually.

Voodoo shit


Casper has the ability to preform magic that corresponds with necromancy and voodoo, meaning he can read the past, present and future, as well as change them round a little. Can be used to give opponents swift deaths, misfortune or bad luck.



Due to his height of 6'5, Casper is fairly adept at the intimidation technique. Couple that with his ability to turn into a flesh-eating spider triangle demon, and you've got a shtick.

Suprise! It's a sword, bitch


Casper's cane detaches, and inside the hollow shaft is a sharp longsword. Casper knows how to fence and fight with swords, so watch out.


Casper is a rather chaotic diety. He likes to cause havoc wherever he goes, and pick fights with people twice his size. He may not look like much physically, but he can probably kick your ass magically. You can mess with him, he's immortal, but certainly not immune to a good ol' sock in the gob. He seems like a drunk asshole most of the time, but if you're nice to him, don't say anything about him behind his back or to his face, and get to know him, he's a very affectionate, friendly guy that wants to protect you from everything and everyone around you. He doesn't have many friends outside off himself and the voices in his head. (Don't act surprised y'all knew he was a crackhead) He is a little unhinged, but all in all he's a nice dude once you get to know him.

Mental conditions

Casper, surprisingly, has bad depression. He may seem happy and rambunctious mostly, but he is actually not in a healthy mindset at all. He thinks about not only harming others, but himself too, and is almsost always contemplating the latter. He drinks to alleviate the pain of having a badly injured leg, which works, though he would use painkillers if there were any strong enough. He is actually a bit of a crybaby softie, and if you get to know him well enough, you'll probably see him crying on multiple occasions. All Casper needs is a little TLC, as well as some disipline in the anger issues part of things. He was born in the year 1330, but he died in 1350. He was reincarnated as a demon. When he was younger, he met a woman when he traveled to Salem in 1680. They...well. Casper's son was born on the eighth of april, 1681. He was called Phillip. Casper adored him. Casper got sick when he was five. They don't know what he had, just that he got sick. He passed away two days after his sixth birthday, in 1687.

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