Pacify (Minitron)



Minitron is one of Pacify’s many suits. 

Instead of a visor or eyeholes, Minitron possesses a LED screen that Pacify can see through. This screen lights up with symbols, expressions, and designs depending on what she is feeling. For example, when surprised or panicked, it will show a “!”. When confused, a “?”, etc.

 This suit is made of the same material as the main Pacify suit, but with more steel latex rather than armor. It is powered by the heart shaped module in its chest, and the black slots serve as ventilation and filter, and can glow to blind or stun enemies. This suit’s main purpose is more technologically based than the other suits, and made for negotiation. It has contacts to emergency support services all around the world built into it.

This suit also responds only to her DNA makeup, so it is useless to others. It also has a voice filter that adds little musical tones to her speech. It sounds like this!

How she obtained this suit is also unknown.


In addition to adding musical tones to her speech, this suit's voice filter can also function as a voice modulator and transform her voice. She can use this to disguise herself or mimic someone else when she isn't directly visible to whoever shes talking to, which can give her the upper hand in deescalating a situation.

And not sure if it would fit with the tech level of the universe, but I can see this suit having built in translation capacity (input and output) if its largely used in communication-based tasks! physics