Brutus the Wrecker



Name is only temporary but let's be honest, after such a striking name will I ever even be able to come up with anything as accurate and powerful as this one?

  • Resident skull basher, face-first slamming into every doorpost he encounters, and passionate for the cold hard science of botany

  • Real name Cassius, but don't you call him that unless he explicitly introduced himself like that

  • Went on a botanical expedition surprisingly not as hired muscle but as one of the researchers

  • Deeply knowledgeable on poisons and survival

  • For some reason showed up to a biological expedition dressed as an evil assassin overlord

  • Known to crave the perception of a rough badass who won't back down from anything, while in action actually quite the considerate sweetheart if you're on his good side

  • Quite the idealist, but doesnt work with politics that much

  • Really tall, and I mean really. Literally two meters tall. The average northerner doorpost is 190cm tall. With his horns he stands at 225cm. He has to bend down 35cm to get to places. It's bad

  • Hasn't had a single hair on his scalp since he was nine

  • Can and probably has killed a bear with his bare fists

  • Hasn't known a day of cold in his life

  • Likes the colour brown, did ya notice?