Steve Mindrall



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Basic Info

🍔 Name: Steven Alfonce Mindrall
🍔 Nicknames: Steve, Stevie, Stevie-Boy, Stev, Alfonce
🍔 Age: 31
🍔 Birthday: October 31st
🍔 Sex: Male
🍔 Gender: Male
🍔 Pronouns: He/Him
🍔 Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Biromantic | Bisexual | Married to Stephanie
🍔 Height: 5'4"
🍔 Species: Formally Demi-God | Human
🍔 Job: Miner

Game/Server Info

🍔 Home Server: Creaturae
🍔 Biome They Live In: Forest
🍔 Preferred Weapon: Iron Sword
🍔 Favorite Block: Cyan Concrete
🍔 Favorite Item: Diamond
🍔 Favorite Mob: Pigs


🍔 Strengths: Is pretty strong, can swim well, and has great knowledge of mining and ores
🍔 Weaknesses: Doesn't like to talk about his parents, is afraid of heights, and doesn't like to use bows
🍔 Powers: None
🍔 Likes: Snow, hamburgers, music, sunrises, the dark, cats, dogs, and diamonds
🍔 Dislikes: Zombies, creepy things, hot weather, being lost in the mines, and big cities
🍔  Personality: Steve is a chipper guy who always tries to look on the  bright side of everything. He knows every cloud has a silver lining and  tries to make the best of everything. He's loyal and will always have  your back if you have his. He'll be there to fight tooth and nail to  protect you. He's also very adventurous and likes to explore and see the  world around him. However, Steve can be arrogant when it comes to his  skills in mining. He's learned a lot about it and likes to flaunt his  knowledge to others. Steve can be stubborn and won't quit until he's on  the edge of passing out from exhaustion. He's a little forgetful at  times, but he really tried his best.
🍔  History: Steve was born in a secluded house outside of a mountain  village. His father, a miner, taught him a great deal about his  profession when Steve was a child. At 16, Steve left home and found his  way to a forest village called Forest's City. He decided to make his  home here. When he was 18, he met his future wife, Stephanie. Steve had  been haunted by Herobrine most of his life, and the Demi-God had even  killed his parents. However, after making friends with Brine, thanks to  Celina changing him, Steve discovered he had once been a Demi-God and  Brine was his twin. They reformed their close bond, and since then,  Steve had made many friends and many allies. He and Stephanie now have a  son named Anthony, an adopted daughter named Penelope, and Steve has  his new companion, Harold. He's living a wonderful new life as a human,  and cherishes all he's been given.

🍔 Trivia
🍔 Steve had learned how to use the stars to make his way home.
🍔 Steve can hold his breath for a while. This is because he was once an demi-god who could use water.
🍔 Steve likes rock music.
🍔 Steve's favorite food is hamburgers.
🍔 Steve has a computer from Brine and is a Tracer main in Overwatch.
🍔 When Steve is upset, his eyes emit a cyan smoke like Celina's magenta smoke.