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Characters might have NSFW themes (Gore, Sexual Themes/Explicitivity, References to Addictions or Death) but usually will not. Please view at your own risk- you agree to the following rules if you do choose to view.

Rules and Such:

1. You are not allowed to steal, kin, or base any characters off of my owned Characters.

2. You are not allowed to directly steal character personalities or backstories, but I don't own generalized ideas/common ideas.

3. You are not allowed to use any of my characters for any reason.

4. You may do Fan Art of my characters! Please ask me first and let me know about it.

5. You may plan plots with me if you have received the Discord Link from me.

6. Do not ask to buy my characters unless they are specifically stated to be 'For Sale'.

7. Once I buy a design, I will do everything in my power to follow your rules. Please be respectful and do not attempt to take my characters back for any reason not explicitly clarified to me as a rule of yours at the time that I bought the character. You may inform me of new rules at any time though, and I'll amend my actions to follow such rules within my power.

8. Please do not make characters in a semi/closed species (mine or someone else's) unless you have bought a slot.

9. Please do not ask me to break a rule for you or any other reason.

10. Rules are subject to change if required at any point, but it will be noted here if it does.

11. Please, no random messages. You may message if you'd like to ask about a character sale, question regarding characters, or anything of import.

12. Please do not harass me in an attempt to re-possess characters I've paid for from you without due cause*. (Yup, I've had this happen.)

*Due cause being an issue like those stated in (7), where a rule was violated that you clarified at my buying of the character,and not afterward without you letting me know of the rule change.

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