Basic Info






Neither Verm nor Elhar have any concept of gender.


Vermelhar as a whole uses they/them. Verm uses they/them and refers to themselves with the royal we. Elhar uses it/its pronouns. Neither of them have any particular attachments to pronouns and won't react if someone uses different pronouns for them.


June 5th


Gemini (clever, I know)








Verm: True Neutral; Elhar: Chaotic Evil

Date Created

March 12th, 2016

Likes (Verm)

Brushing their teeth, staring at things, staring at people, sitting on things you're not supposed to sit on, high places, the dark, places with a lot of people, watching insects.

Dislikes (Verm)

Cramped places (it makes it really hard to get around with Elhar and all), when Elhar eats too vigorously, and... uh... well, that's it, really. They don't mind much.

Likes (Elhar)

Getting its teeth brushed, eating, telling stories, getting its... head...? scratched, anything it can really sink its teeth into, scaring people.

Dislikes (Elhar)

Being told to be quiet, gum, when things get stuck in its teeth, things with more bones than meat, pop rocks, long rides in vehicles (it gets carsick), filing taxes.

Favorite Foods

Blood, flesh, souls, cheeseburgers.


Vermelhar is a member of a closed species known as Skullchests, created by Hyena! You can read more about them here!

|| - Personality - ||

First and foremost, the entity known as "Vermelhar" is two: Verm and Elhar. Verm is the name of the host body, and Elhar is the name of the screaming hell mouth on Verm's chest.

Verm almost seems oblivious to their own existence, wandering about aimlessly and seldom responding to stimuli. If someone speaks to them, they'll just stare right through them until they awkwardly leave and regret attempting to socialize for once. They're capable of speech, but they rarely speak unless it's in response to Elhar. They don't seem to have any goals or motivations and will wander anywhere, often breaking into houses or businesses to just lay down under someone's bed for a couple hours until they get shooed out. If they like someone, they'll usually just sit in front of them and stare at them a lot. For some reason, Elhar stays quiet when they're like this.

Elhar, on the other hand, is outspoken, vulgar, and never shuts up. It narrates everything it does, loudly, and always speaks its thoughts. It doesn't seem to comprehend that it's part of someone else's body, and when this is pointed out Elhar reacts with a disbelief similar to the way one would dismiss someone's theories about aliens or government conspiracies. This is sort of odd considering it acknowledges Verm's existence and attempts to engage in banter with them often. It thinks Verm is kind of dull.

|| - Backstory - ||

Little is known about Vermelhar, and in fact it seems they know little about themselves. They have no idea what they are, what they're doing, or how they found themselves on Celestella. They know little of how they came to be, and the fact that Elhar seems completely oblivious to the fact that it's part of Verm's body doesn't help matters. They go through life as if in a dream, carelessly and chaotically. Verm doesn't seem to do much of their own will, nonchalantly following Elhar's will to find flesh and souls to feast upon.

There are little hints of their past scattered about in Elhar's stranger comments: "WATCH OUT BUDDY, I ATE THE PRESIDENT ONCE," "YOU DON'T KNOW TRUE PAIN UNTIL YOU GET SHAMPOO IN LIKE 30 EYES AT THE SAME TIME," "I WONDER IF JERRY EVER FINISHED MY TAXES..." Elhar seems to have some memory of a previous life, one that didn't involve Verm. Verm, on the other hand, barely seems to hold onto short-term memories, much less anything pertaining to a world where they weren't Vermelhar.

Vermelhar has little concern for their past, however, and seems perfectly content to continue living moment to moment on Celestella.

|| - Powers/Abilities - ||

[just endless screaming]

also elhar can breathe fire and verm is really agile and can jump unnaturally high but mostly [just endless screaming]