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NameLimeMain WeaponsCarbon Roller Deco, Dynamo Roller
Fav modeRainmaker, Tower ControlRaceInkling

Lime is very determined and serious inkling who aims to make a name for herself in Inkopolis as an outstanding roller user. She stricktly sticks to this weapon type, either chosing the Carbon Roller Deco or the Dynamo Roller for matches, depending on what type of matches and stages the squad is about to face. In battle Lime focusses on covering as much turf as possible to allow her squad to move freely. She rarely goes straight after the enemy for a kill and plays a more supportive role for her team. However when being attacked by the enemy she tries her best to get herself into a good position to counter (like getting into the enemy's blindspot before closing in for a strike).

After matches Lime usually drags Melon and Berry to Booyah Base to check for new gear, hoping to find something that would improve and support her playing style. If out of money she kills time in the testing area or watching the matches of other squads from the screens in the plaza. Besides trying to become the very best like no one ever was Lime enjoys making sweets like pralines, cookies and cupcakes. She often prepares some to share with her squad members. Ironically she isn't into sweets much herself, instead she prefers sour and salty treats. Her favourite chocolate is Seasalt chocolate, which grosses out her friends a lot. Another big hobby of Lime are action movies involving martial arts, though she prefers to keep this a secret from her friends.

Lime takes turf wars as serious as ranked battles and dislikes seeing Melon and Berry fooling around at times. Though she does not approve of them starting squid parties or drawing messages in turf wars she does not interrupt them and carries on on her own. At times she gets upset after losing a match because she thinks she messed up at some point and, due that, her squad lost. The salt is strong in Lime.

Lime has a twin sister, Lemon (belongs to Hazelmauz), who is - in contrast of her sister - a social butterfly and possesses a bright smile. Lemon enjoys designing clothing, and made most of Lime's favourite gear. Although Lime goes to Booyah Base for shopping with her squad regulary she only wears her sister's self-made clothing, as some sort of lucky charm, and avoids wearing gear from the stores (aside from shoes).



  • Sour candy and lemonade
  • Competitive Matches
  • Helping her sister with designing clothes


  • Sweet Snacks
  • Team mates goofing off in matches

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