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Name: Abaddon
Called: Abby, Freckles
Age: 28
Date of Birth: February 25th
Gender: female
Origin: unknown
Race: Demon
Occupation / Role: mercenary (formerly), knight
Affiliation: Knights of Gaia

Abaddon is a courageous and confident woman who serves Gaia as one of her four knights. Beforehand, she travelled the land as a sellsword and laborer to earn the coin needed to afford food and a roof over her head for the night. As Abaddon does not wish to drag others into her own affairs, she never stayed for too long in one place and avoided getting too attached to the people she came across.

Initially, Abaddon joined forces with Gaia as she demanded a favor from Nyx in exchange for her service. However, as Abaddon spent more time with Gaia and her knights, she became convinced that fighting for their cause was the right thing to do. Abaddon wishes to contribute towards making a meaningful and beneficial change happen in Krimoria, even if she cannot fully shake off her doubts about the viability of Gaia's plans for a lasting peace between Solace and Thebel.

During the time spent with Gaia and her new companions, Abaddon is able to grow as a person as she learns to trust in others rather than relying on herself alone. Finally being able to pull herself out of her self-inflicted isolation, Abaddon starts to consider her companions, the people she wishes to protect and be with at all costs, as her new family and home.








Abaddon is overall a selfless person, mainly because she adapted this trait from the blacksmith who took her in at a young age when all she knew was her name alone. After her first encounter with Solacian demon hunters, Abaddon became aware that she was something those hunters refered to as a demon, and that she - and those that decided to help her in either way - would continueously being targeted and hunted down for what she was. Abaddon decided for herself to leave her adoptive home and become a travelling sellsword to be able to support herself without relying on, and in turn endangering, others. Travelling the lands of Eihea, Abaddon often shared her earned coin with beggars in the streets, stood up for people who were defenseless on their own and even offered her service free of charge to those who could not afford to pay her.

During the years Abaddon spent as a sellsword she crossed blades with many opponents while considering every encounter - no matter the outcome - as "a lesson taught". While besting several opponents let her grow more confident in her own skills, the scars she carried away from defeats served her as a constant reminder to not get careless. However, while Abaddon is certainly confident in her skills as a fighter, she is not confident in being able to let people into her life. She often acts easy-going around others to hide the burden of feeling alone in the world due to all those years of self-inflicted isolation. Abbadon fears that the people she would let into her life would become easy targets for her persecutors again, thus she prefered to keep to herself before meeting allies she deemed strong enough to defend themselves against the forces of Solace on their own.








Lance Mastery


Abaddon’s weapon type of choice. Aside from using the lances for close combat, she also integrates them into her movement to launch herself a little higher into the air than with a regular jump to either evade attacks or to deal a critical blow to the enemy from high above.

Sword Mastery


Abaddon’s secondary weapon. While not as familiar with swords as with lances, Abaddon favors to use swords as her weapon when facing opponents in narrow areas that do not allow her to make best use of her high agility.

Ice Magic


Abaddon’s affinity for magic is relatively low despite her being a demon. She is able to “imbue” her weapons with ice-elemental attributes for a short amount of time. After entering Gaia's service, she tries to improve her magic spells by studying under Gaia and June.



Like many other demons, Abaddon is able to recover and heal more quickly in comparison to mortals. However, as she is unable to use healing spells herself, she is unable to accelerate the healing process any further on her own and severe wounds will always leave scars.


Abaddon’s years as a travelling sellsword

In her younger years Abaddon found herself in a rather bad shape and without any recollection of her past in the streets of a small town that felt completely unfamiliar to her. Still being just a young adult, she wandered around town aimlessly with no place to go to and no idea on how she ended up in this situation in the first place. Ultimately, she grew hungry and thus she took food that was on display at a food vendor’s stall without giving it a second thought. Of course her theft did not go unnoticed, and shortly after she brought a few apples into her possession she was chased off by the owner of the food stall shouting and screaming at her. Scared by the whole situation she fled into hiding before eating the stolen food reluctantly, as at the very least this experience had taught her that she could not easily take what she needed to survive from others if she was unprepared to face the repercussions of her actions. Yet, she also needed to find a way to survive -  thus, she continued to steal what she needed, making sure to not get caught and - preferably - not being seen at all while doing so. 

For a while, Abaddon lived on the streets and stole what she needed to survive from others, becoming quite agile and responsive due to being constantly on the run from others. However, her life changed for the better when she ran into blacksmith and his wife one day, who showed her kindness and understanding towards her. At first, Abaddon tried to run away to escape the consequences of her actions as usual, but the blacksmith couple were able to gain her trust by promising not to punish her for stealing a mere loaf of bread simply because she was hungry. It took a little while until Abaddon was willing to openly speak with the blacksmith about her situation as she rarely had contact with others before, yet their welcoming approach made it possible for her to step over her own shadow. The couple took pity on Abaddon and decided to take her in as an apprentice, giving her both a home, food, and most importantly something comparable to a family. For the upcoming couple of years, Abaddon lived with the blacksmith and his wife, learning their craft and - out of own interest - Abaddon started picking up different weapons to practice with them for fun.

The years went by, and Abaddon thought she would eventually take over the blacksmith's shop once he made the decision to retire. But when a travelling demon hunter came to the shop and recognized her for what she truly was, Abaddon at first did not realize the weight of their discovery. The blacksmith and his wife shook of the accusations of the demon hunter, claiming that they knew Abaddon better and did not care for whether she was a demon or not. Yet, only a few days later, their home was attacked by Solacian demon hunters searching for Abaddon. To save her foster family's lifes, Abaddon lied and proclaimed that she cast a spell on both the blacksmith and her wife to give her shelter. Thankfully, the angels she was facing believed her ruse, letting go of the elderly couple and focussing only on her instead. With what she had at hand around her at the shop, Abaddon manages to barely fend off the demon hunters on her own, fully aware that they would probably return with larger numbers to overpower her more easily. At this time, Abaddon made the decision to leave her foster home in hopes of the elderly couple being spared - and though they seem saddened by this outcome, the elderly couple let her go. As a parting gift, they pass on the armor set, lance and sword Abaddon recently helped to complete to Abaddon and wish for her to find peace and happiness in her life despite the odds being stacked against her. 

For the years to come, Abaddon lives on the road again, earning her coin as a sellsword and laborer, however she made it a habit to never stay long in one place to avoid being located by demon hunters all too easily. Of course, she has a run in with either Solacian demon hunters or others who recognize her as a demon every now and then, but always manages to either escape herself or best her opponent, forcing them to retreat. During most of this time, Abaddon stays on her own, although the loneliness causes her suffering - yet she wishes to avoid to see others getting targeted due to being affiliated with her again. However, she ended up staying in the kingdom of Arannoth for a while as she meets people she deems capable of defending themselves even against Solacian forces on her own. Her newfound-happiness is cut short when the person she lived with passes away one day. Unable to accept their death, Abaddon tries to find a way to be reunited with them and learns about Gaia, the Goddess of Nature, travelling the lands casting miracles wherever she goes. In disbelief, but desperate enough to grasp at straws to get her wish granted enetually, she returns to travelling the lands in hopes of finding Gaia and getting her own impossible wish granted.

Abaddon’s time in Gaia’s service as her knight

Eventually, Abaddon is able to locate Gaia and Nyx in a smaller village at the border of the kingdom of Elyria. Hiding amongst the crowd, Abaddon witnesses how Gaia uses her magic to revitalize the fields and forest that had dried up due to a previous drought, causing the inhabitants to rejoice as they now no longer have to live in fear of starvation. Truly, like the mortals around her, Abaddon is certain that she had just seen a miracle happening and decides to approach Gaia and Nyx once the other inhabitants had scattered again. To her own surprise, Nyx and Gaia do not seem too surprised to see Abaddon, a demon, approaching them and show no hostility towards her after she revealed her name and true nature. They have a talk, where Abaddon quickly cuts to the chase and asks both of them if it is possible to resurrect someone with no negative side effects (like those of the spells used by necromancers). After a short moment of silence, Nyx reveals to her that it is indeed possible, given that another takes the place of the one deceased, and that only very few are able to perform the ritual required, including himself. For a moment, Abaddon wavers, since she does not wish to sacrifice another for her own selfish wish, but still offers to enter Gaia's service in exchange to be granted a favor by Nyx in the future. To her surprise, Gaia obliges without asking Abaddon to prove her worth beforehand, making Abaddon the fourth knight in her service.

Abaddon has an hard time settling in with Gaia and her knights at first, as to her surprise they upheld a very different liege-servant relationship in comparison to the king-servant relationship she was familiar with from her time in service of the kingdom of Arannoth. Gaia and her knights treat each other as family and are very close to one another, and as Abaddon used to push people away from her for most of her life, she needs some time to get used this kind of relationship to other people again. Once she settled in, she felt right at home among Gaia's knight though.

Abaddon travels throughout Krimoria and Thebel alongside Gaia and her knights, learning more about the unfavourable state Thebel is currently in and starting to understand why many demons sought shelter in Krimoria instead. Being able to relate to their situation, Abaddon becomes more and more determined to fully support Gaia's cause as she too wishes to be able to live a peaceful life without fear and worries someday. For a long time, things are going well for Gaia and her knights, however after Melia's death the whole situation changes. In an unlucky turn of events, Solacian forces are able to corner and defeat Abaddon alongside Gaia's other knights, forcing Gaia to seal off their current location using a powerful spell to evade their demise at the hands of the angels of Solace. Abaddon, who has been wounded severly in a battle prior to Gaia's seal being put into place, uses the time in the locked off realm to recover and prepare for the unavoidable conflict to come once the seal is lifted. 

What happend prior to Abaddon's Amnesia (SPoiler Warning)

Prior to getting the name Abaddon, she lived under the name "Lunis" together with her younger brother in Solace as an angel. Like many other Solacians, Lunis trained for combat, mainly because she wished to serve as a protector for others. As she was quite talented with using spears, she quickly made a name for herself and rose up through the ranks despite her young age. Lunis quickly became part of the scouting troops that were sent to Krimoria to be on the lookout for rampaging Theblians and Krimorians in need of help from Solace. However, one day she did not return from a scouting mission.

For a matter of fact, her whole squad was captured in Krimoria by a few Solacians that were at odds with their current ruler, Nyx, due to his ambitions to establish peace between Solace and Thebel. Lunis was brought back to Solace in secret, where she was subjected to torture as she did not accept to join their ranks. As Lunis continously did not give in to their demands, the rebels handed her over to Adriel who was conducting experiments on caught angels and demons alike. At this point in time, Lunis was officially declared deceased, as those of her squad who willed in to join the rank of the rebels reported that all those who did not return were wiped out by a group of demons. Her spear was passed down to her brother as a keepsake, who in turn swore revenge on all demons for taking his family from him.

Out of curiosity, Adriel subjected various caught angels to Theblian essence, which caused most of them to perish - yet Lunis managed to survive as one of a few. Being turned into a demon, her once grey eyes gained a strikingly red color, which made it easy for angels to recognize her as a demon. Furthermore, her physical abilites and self-regeneration improved, while her affinity for magic largely decreased. On top of all that, Lunis' personality became unstable, causing her to occasionally run rampage in Adriel's facility with no recollection of her deeds afterwards. Altogether, Adriel took large interest in Lunis' change and made sure to keep her a secret from those who wished to overthrow Nyx and the rest of the Solacians. As she still proved troublesome to work with, Adriel managed to wipe Lunis' memories completely before giving her the new name and identity: Abaddon, an angel who turned on her bretheren and turned into a demon as punishment for her actions. He offered to let her go if she would "redeemed herself" by following his orders. Reluctantly, Abaddon accepts, following along with Adriel's experiments where he tests her strength against other of his various creations.

However, at some point Nyx becomes aware of the plans to overthrow him as ruler of Solace. On his own, Nyx manages to confront one rebellious Solacian after another, casting them out of Solace for their treason. Ultimately, Nyx learns about Adriel's experiments from one of the traitors, making his way to Adriel's facility where he discovers the remains of various Theblians and angels that had been declared missing or fallen in action previously. Eventually, Nyx runs into Abaddon, whom he recognizes as the former Lunis - yet Abaddon is unfamiliar to this name at this point, and does not recognize Nyx as her former ruler. As Adriel joins them, he orders Abaddon to stand against Nyx alongside him and she obliges. Together, they manage to overpower Nyx, leaving him unconscious. Adriel throws Nyx in a empty cell and driven by his curiousity, subjects Nyx to Theblian essence, hoping to either get an interesting result or simply take care of a problem easily. Similar to Lunis, Nyx manages to survive, but turns into a creature similar to a demon as a result with less negative side effects. In another confrontation, Nyx defeats Abaddon with ease and finds himself at a stalemate with Adriel, with neither of them being able to defeat the other anymore. However, Adriel manages to convince Nyx to leave Solace behind, as in his new state he would no longer be accepted as ruler or even part of the Solacian society.  If any Solacian recognized what Nyx had become, a war between Solace and Thebel would possibly be unavoidable - something, Nyx had fought for many years to prevent from happening. Both Adriel and Nyx agree to a compromise where Nyx, Adriel and Abaddon leave Solace behind, while Nyx is declared deceased and Melia, an angel Nyx trusts to successfully lead Solace into a brighter future, will replace Nyx as new ruler of Solace. Unhappy Adriel accepts and leaves Solace, leaving behind the unconscious Abaddon and Nyx. After completing his last will and placing it in the Solacian palace unseen, Nyx escapes with Abaddon to Krimoria, where he once more wipes Abaddon's memory to make it possible for her to start anew.




Abaddon’s liege

Initially, Abaddon started serving Gaia as a means to get a favor from Nyx. However, the longer she stayed at Gaia's side, the more she started to share Gaia's wish of creating a peaceful future of both Solace and Thebel, and in turn Krimoria. Nonetheless, due to her own run-ins with Solacian demon hunters prior to meeting Gaia, she has doubts about the viability of Gaia's plans in the long run and fears that Gaia might be chasing an unrealistic fantasy. Abaddon still wishes to support her liege and - later on - friend regardless of her own doubts, and thus continues to fight in Gaia's name - not to ultimately earn a favor, but to do her best for a friend.



Reserved companion

At the time Abaddon approached Gaia and offered her service in exchange for a favor from Nyx, he kept his distance to Abaddon without disclosing his reasons for doing so to her. It took quite a while for them to warm up to one another, and eventually Abaddon spoke up to Nyx and confronted him about his dismissive behavior towards her. Nyx then reluctantly reveals to her that she reminds him on someone he used to know long ago, someone he was unable to protect. After his confession, their relationship start to improve slowly. Yet, Abaddon cannot shake of the feeling that Nyx still keeps secrets from her, but as she decided to trust in his words she decides to not press him for more information at the time.



Closest friend

When Abaddon initially joined Gaia as one of her knights, June was still a child and often followed her around in awe. Initially when Abaddon tried to talk to June, June would often shy away looking embarrased. After a while, Abaddon learns from June's companion, Deilan, that June is fascinated by knights and dreamed of becoming one herself once. Catching on that June views her as a role model, Abaddon takes it upon herself to teach June a few things on the side. In return, June helps Abaddon to get a better hold of her ice magic by sharing her knowledge on spellcasting with her. As time passes by, the two of them grow closer to one another, ultimately becoming best friends.


  • During her journey as a travelling sellsword and while in the service of the King of Arannoth, Abaddon regularly sends letters and money to the blacksmith and his wife.
  • Although Abaddon is not at odds with living as a sellsword, she wishes to be able to settle down, live on peacefully and have a family on her own some day.
  • If possible, Abaddon leaves her opponents alive after besting them, even if they wouldn't show the same kindness towards her. She despises needlessly taking lives.
  • Abaddon is good with children and enjoys telling them exaggerated and fantastic tales of her own adventures.

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