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General Warnings

  • Please respect my characters' designs when drawing them! (Unless specified/it's for a design-oriented thread). Hope you understand, and thanks in advance.
  • My characters have recurring themes of war/genocide, hate, violence and death/threat. My stories are just fiction, and I have no purpose of harming others with the plots shown here.
  • If there's something that could go much better with an individual warning, do tell! I want my profile to be a safe place for everyone ;v;
  • Though most of my characters keep a neutral or educated way of speak, I do have a few that tend to use a stronger language.
  • "Heavily inspiring" on my characters is also a big no-no! Inspiration is all good by me, though, but not straight up copying :c

  • I highly encourage art and headcanons! I would love to see them if you make any
  • On that, please keep it SFW!
  • (Mild blood/violence is okay, though, but don't make it too graphic)
  • Shipping is fine by me, as long as it isn't minor/adult, incest, abusive relationships or anything of that kind of nature.
Other Info

  • Hope you're having a nice day!

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Do note this character is prone to swearing, and said trait is present in both his bio and gallery.

(PS. If you're drawing him, please don't forget the beard,,)

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