Artico Quinty



4 years, 3 months ago


Your name is ARTICO QUINTY. You currently live in THE LAND OF SNOW AND MAPLE. You are of a NATURALLY RESERVED yet CLOSET-ADVENTUROUS nature, more eloquent in TEXT than you are in VOICE. You enjoy SLEEP but deprive yourself of it constantly, preferring to delegate the time to one of your MANY HOBBIES.

You have a number of INTERESTS which include INTERNET CULTURE and PROCRASTINATION. You have a passion for WRITING FICTION, especially when said fiction features CHARACTERS THAT ARE NOT YOURS within UNIVERSES CREATED BY SUPERIOR AUTHORS WHO ARE ALSO NOT YOU. You tend to carry A NOTEBOOK AND PENCIL on your person at all times, but you keep the pages BLANK, for these items act largely as DECOYS for PLAGIARISTS who are bound to attempt a THIEVERY of your SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME ORIGINAL FICTION IDEAS.

Writing in your NOTEBOOK also acts as a FETCH MODUS: to retrieve any item, you must jot down the UNIQUE NICKNAME you gave it during its captchalogue. This habit started once you christened your laptop so that saying you spent the day with DEXTER did not sound SOCIALLY NON-REDEEMING.

Your strife specibus is BLANKETKIND.

Your Trollian tag is quintupleCoccyx. You*re normaIIy ra+her cross, and you find repIacing Iower-case *Ls* wi+h capi+aI *Is* sufficien+Iy dispIays +he disdain you possess for cer+ain fon+s.