Odessa Nelson



4 months, 18 days ago

Basic Info

Given name:

Odessa Dove Nelson

Goes by:

Odessa Dove Nelson


  • Pretty successful anonymous poet who writes in free verse, writes under the pen name Melinoe Erato
  • Most of her poems are romantic & dream-like in nature, and they all have an almost sleepy fluidity
  • Sees poetry and writing itself as a means of capturing 'moments in time' 
  • Sleepy like 24/7 and a real home body during the day
  • Does most of her writing at night 
  • Likes to go out into the city at night and just observe people and places
  • Has a hard time feeling emotions or connecting to people herself
  • Cherry blossom child
  • Loves the idea of love, but has never been in love 🌸

pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/1katconley/odessa-nelson/