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  • Lux, the Forgiven King

  • Age Immortal
  • Gender None
  • Race Spirit
  • Role King (Antagonist)
  • Alignment [REDACTED] Evil

"Foolish one! How would you feel if you returned home, only to realize that your family has forgotten about you?! You will never return there, my boy. You will suffer endless pain… trapped in this land… forever."

Lux is the main antagonist of Badcadia, and the titular dimension’s ruler. They never cared much about love and hope. All they know about humans is that they despise those who dare enter their realm.

Lux is like no other monster. They wield tarot cards as their primary weapon, and these tarot cards are known to summon what each represents. They also forbid the realm’s passive inhabitants from ever leaving their homes, and never cared about their sufferings. They treat the hostile ones as their slaves, to make sure the creatures do not leave their homes.


DoB: N/A
Origin: Badcadia
Height: 4’ 3”
Build: Spiritlike
Demeanor: Cruel
  • METON (?)
  • Watching the innocent ones suffer
  • Badcadia
  • Humans
  • Creatures
  • Nice things




At first, Lux had faith in everything, and they were once caring for the creatures of Badcadia, but when a being first set foot on this land, they were met with confusion, as if they don’t know where they even came from. As the two become friends, they spent their time playing around, and often laughed with each other while looking at the stars. Lux was very happy, until that night, their happiness was too much for them, and when they checked to visit their friend, all they found was their body, lying lifeless on the ground. That only caused pain and grief amongst their eyes, and so, their temper was unleashed. A few years later, they were sitting on their throne, thinking about their next plan. As they sit, a mimet arrived, and bowed in front of them, only to warn about humans arriving to Badcadia. As Lux heard this, they came up with a plan that would only make things worse...

[To be continued]


Lux has a cruel heart, and they despised humanity so much that they would want to see the end of their lives. They once were very kind with the innocent creatures of Badcadia, but all they knew of them is that they did good deeds for Lux, and they were very happy of them. Lux despises everything that they see as “despicable” and “weak”, and they don’t like seeing them do whatever they wish. They think freedom is a pathetic little thing that only the “weak” can have, that they already had that law in place, but they knew that said law can do more harm than good to the creatures of Badcadia.


Lux’s main weapon are their tarot cards. The strength vary on each one. Each card is listed in order of strength from left to right:

Judgement, Star, World, Sun, Moon, Wheel of Fortune, Fool, Emperor, Tower, High Priestess, Devil, Magician, Empress, Hierophant, Lovers, Hermit, Strength, Hanged Man, Temperance, Death, Justice, and Chariot.

Judgement is said to be Lux’s strongest card, while Chariot their weakest. However, they can only use Judgement when that time comes. Their Tarot cards act like summoning tools, and each one summons their representative when activated.


The Prince

[ Enemy ] Lux sees the young prince as their main enemy. After he arrives to Badcadia following an accident, they have been watching him, knowing that one day, he will fight against them, and they would do the same.



[ Varies ] Lux’s relation with METON is completely uncertain, but they both often have a love-hate relationship with one another. They also nickname it as “Stinky”.


Monsters of Badcadia

[ Henchmen ] These henchmen are known to serve Lux. Major members of Lux’s army include Dellingr, Jack Frost, and Spica.