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Please be warned that several of my characters may contain mention of, or deal with sensitive topics, such as violence, (attempted) murder, mention of war, loss, and abuse. This sort of stuff is more prominent in their bios than in their art.

Also, warning for flashing lights/colors and/or blood/gore on a few images + a few more that are very fast moving, as well as those with really bright colours. Please refrain from viewing those images if you suffer from epilepsy or have vision problems.

There's a chance that I swear whenever I talk (Which I do more frequently on Discord), so some text/images may contain profanity.

Lastly, not everyone is tagged with their own warning, so I suggest you browse my profile with caution.

Keep in mind that I do not associate with, condone, normalize, romanticize, or support the topics of murder/assassination, war, and abuse in any form or way, as I know that these are harmful to everyone in the real world.

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CW (slight) death and slavery mention

Please note that I do NOT support the topic of slavery, and is not normalized in any way.

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