Ashley's Comments

the comment section here doesn't disappoint


Ashley is happy with the paps! Friend level over 9000!

There is a soft, electronic bark from within the comment section.

"Wooooof… Woof woof!" Ashley still tries to interact with it like it was an actual dog. She repeatedly pats it with her paw.

EDM's metal tail wags like crazy! This lifeform is similar to him! He paws the puppy back softly.


"Woof!" Ashley repeatedly jumps to reach Custard, looking at him with sparkling eyes.

Flustered, at first Custard wasn't sure out to react to the little stray pup jumping and barking all over him. The more the wolf stared into those sparkling brown eyes of wonder on the puppy, the more relaxed he felt. Either by instinct or by a sign of happiness he wagged his own tail in a similar fashion to Ashley's, and without a second thought he reached down to pick her up.

"WOOOOF!!!" Ashley runs as fast as she could with enthusiasm vibrant on her face, jumping towards Stormy.

"What an absolute child. I adore her."

"meow i may not be a dog but as a cat i demand headpats"

"Woof! Woof!" All cats are friends anyways, but Ashley's still small so she just gazes at Inigo, with the eyes of 'pat me too and that's a deal.'


"Hmph." Saytr crossed his arms with a grimmace, as though to cover up the blush that creeped across his face. "You're the only blasted feline I'd consider my equal. You know this, yet you continue to tease me with the fact."

His glare unchanging, the salty sea dog reached out and ran a palm through the forest of Inigo's locks, the warmth of the loving and tender touch sliding down to cup the other's cheek. "Don't blame me for the day that I bite back, Inigo." Finally, a ghost of a smirk.

"D'awww, you're a cute one." Content with the headpat, Inigo happily ruffled his hands through Satyr's fluffy hair. "Meow."

"Woof!" Ashley barks back, as if she's grateful for being adored. Ashley thought the man at her front was gloomy and grumpy, so she gave him a random can as a gift.

The old man went wide-eyed at the gift. It was precious! How absolutely wonderful. Youth these days carry no sense of respect, so to be held in the highest of honors by this small child...

Saytr knelt down and began to pet the dog delicately after he took the can for himself. "This was a lovely act of kindness. Thank you. I'll treasure it always."