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  • A good bit of my art (especially when I design new characters) depicts nude bodies with "Ken"/"Barbie" doll parts. Since they lack genitalia, I don't mark these pieces as NSFW. If they DO have explicit genitals, I will always mark them accordingly.
  • Spiders are one of my absolute favorite animals and as such, I've tagged my spider-related (whether it's just the theme/aesthetic or with arachnid body horror) characters of mine with "spider warning" so that people who dislike them can avoid viewing said characters.
  • I'm pretty "vanilla" with all my content. Due to past experiences and trauma, I don't write much about heavy topics. My stories may include emotional / mental / physical abuse (only in past tense), somewhat graphic violence, etc. Individual profiles will have warnings as I fill them in.
Trades / sales:

  • You can message me about trading / selling characters but please be respectful if I say no. A lot of them are gifts, raffle prizes, or characters that I love way too much.
  • I no longer bother with making folders because I can't make up my mind who to put in them.

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