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  • Please don't be afraid to comment/mail. I appreciate people chatting with me, even strangers.
  • I may not answer right away, sometimes I just don't feel like socializing even when online.

  • I don't tolerate racism/sexism/transphobia/homophobia/any other hate speech.
  • Try to avoid talking about politics. Politics make people angry and bitter, as far as I've seen.
  • Serious topics are fine but please drop them if I ask. Some things are too much for me to handle.
Art Content

  • Some of my art is naked but without genitalia. I don't mark that as NSFW as they're not explicit.
  • Lots of pieces in my art tab are disgustingly old so you'd have more luck checking my DA.

  • Eventually I will have a page detailing my canon setting. Sit tight.
  • I have a handful of spider characters, tagged "spider" for the moment.
  • Feel free to ask if a character may be for trade/sale. No guarantees, though.

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