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  • Arthur

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  • "Golly, city folk? I could never live in The City, I always miss home too much."
  • Politeness

    Hug acceptance

    Fear of Penny

    Love of nature


Arthur comes from a heavily wooded village a decent distance from Apricot Bay. As such, he enjoys a more down-to-earth life where the air is fresh and plants are abundant and finds himself out of his element anywhere else. Ignoring the advice of his relatives telling him to move to The City to pursue a career, he instead moved to the less harsh and gloomy Apricot Bay where he got a job as a mailman.


Arthur is pretty good at holding a conversation and often chats with other residents when delivering their mail. He's also got pretty solid stamina thanks to all those mail runs.
Though he does his best to pay attention to those social cues, sometimes he talks a bit too much for some people's liking when he's excited and winds up annoying them.
Somehow losing his job. He doesn't think it will happen, but he worries sometimes. Also Penny. Penny is terrifying.
Arthur is perpetually cold even in summer and bundles up year round.
Tics/nervous habits
When Arthur is deep in thought or feeling nervous, his ears will twitch and his tail will wrap around his legs.
Voice/speech patterns
Arthur has a bizarre mixture of a thick, comical Southern accent, a host of well-trodden pleasantries from his job, and a strange habit of misusing big words. He's mostly polite and soft-spoken though, and his slightly high voice has a bit of a ring to it.


When alone, Arthur spends much of his free time reading at home or at the local library. If he's not doing that, then he's tending to his house and belongings to make sure things are nice and tidy. This is oftentimes when he does a lot of his thinking, whether it be about work, the book he just read, or the world and what's happening around him. He enjoys his peace and quiet almost as much as he enjoys socializing.
At ease
He's friendly, social, and probably getting lost in a book somewhere.
Under pressure
When Arthur is feeling stressed or overwhelmed, he'll often pace anxiously around, chatting to himself for the entire world to hear. He often doesn't even realize he's doing this until it's too late and has many concerned eyes watching him.
Much more willing to share what's going on in his life. While subtle, Arthur will subconsciously stand closer to the people he feels trusting of. Will definitely go on forever about his interests with someone if prompted.
While more shy and closed off regarding his personal life, Arthur is perfectly fine with making small talk with people he could've only met two minutes ago. Only small talk though. If you randomly gave him a hug, he'd scream.
While never impolite, don't expect Arthur to stick around longer than he has to if you freak him out. Hugs (and being Penny) will make him avoid you as much as he possibly can.