Arthur (History)



Design #1: Adopt Arthur

Adopt Arthur

Arthur started life as a points adopt borb got on DeviantART. He had a much shinier, younger-looking design with colors not far off from Retsuko's. There were a couple adopts like him borb tried to introduce into the Pennyverse, and Arthur was about the only one that stuck.

Still, all we had on him at this point in terms of character was that he was a mailman.

Design #2: Aged up, though still bright orange

Arthur's initial personality shot

When Caby drew his initial ref, he became a bit older, though his colors stayed the same for a while later. About the only thing that changed were his pawpads. The original adopt had none, and after a bit of discussion whether to go with pink, white, or brown pads, the white pretty handily won out.

We weren't initially sure of his personality. He briefly went through a phase where, in a previous life, he was a corporate spy (out of a misguided sense that every character needed to have something heavy to base an arc around), but that was pretty quickly dropped when we realized how dumb it sounded.

Design #3: Contrasting colors, contrasting personality

Arthur's old profile headshot

Eventually, Arthur's colors rattled Caby enough to poke borb into picking new colors far closer to a real red panda's, with far more contrast than the white-on-gold he had initially. His proper ref was recolored, and borb's own color reference was kept as an alternate.

Finally, seeing as Cammy gave him something of a twangy drawl in "Told Me So", the cowboy angle was exaggerated to create Arthur's current personality. Fittingly, around this time, the infamous Legendary Stardust Cowboy's "Paralyzed" became his official unofficial theme song.

Arthur's two designs chattering