1 year, 6 months ago


Name: Air

Age: Roughly about 13

Parents: Pit and ??? (unknown. hinted at to be a human with angel origins)

Personality: Due to basically living in his dad's shadow as he saved Skyworld twice from the forces of evil despite being basically flightless, he never felt like he could live up to said expectations so Air often shrunk into the background. His father does know about this and is just proud of his son for being his own person and for always making sure food doesn't go to waste. He's best friends with Cy, Magnus' son who is the loud brash guy to Air's softy soft. 

Gear: The only weapon he's good with in some sort of way is a Doom Cannon that was made out of scrap parts from the guns in SSE. 

Voice Claim: English Voice. This is all I could hear when writing him

Design notes: Originally made as a recolor, I sat down and finished him into a new design, now with his shirt being a V neck and owning a scarf the same muted blue as the rest of his outfit