1 year, 7 months ago


Name: Ikarin

Gender: Male

Age: Whatever 17 is in Octoling

Parents: Two Unnamed Octolings if they work like that. He actually works his way up to get into the tournament as The inklings (orange and blue as he calls them) told everyone it was the freshest place to be so he ended up being better than everyone else by sheer stupidity and no one being able to take him seriously. 

Personality: He's constantly seen as the hip and fresh dude that no one can take seriously and takes everything casually, until the threat of the realms being utterly destroyed is forced upon him and the rest of the kids, then he calls it "unfresh" and goes along with them to stop it. He gets along well with Chompo as they're the only non kids to show up for the tournament despite Chompo being raised at the moment by Bowser.

Gear: Paint Brush daggers, Ink Bombs, A tattooing needle when he needs to get in close. 

Voice Claim: None atm.