Gaia (Fensis)


Basic Info


6 (at the time of rites to inherit Gaia's essence)




Fernia (see Gaia's Profile section for more information)




Fensis is Gaia's true name and "identity". Before becoming Gaia, Fensis was a young Fernian girl that loved to spend the days picking flowers with her sister Firian and catching bugs. She was a bright child that often laughed and rarely cried, making her well-beloved with her family and those close to them. 

When the forest started to wither, Fensis was determined to serve as a vessel for the Fernian goddess Gaia. Not knowing what exactly would happen, she was taken away from her family and prepared for the rites. Although she successfully inherited the powers that were accounted to the goddess Gaia, she was unable to control them properly and ended up in a spirit-like state. Seeing her village fall apart and her family mourning the loss of their daughter, Fensis gave into despair and ran away from the village. She started wandering around while her memory slowly faded away. In the end, she adapted the name Gaia for herself, as it was one of the less things she could remember clearly. 

At later points of the story, Gaia is seeing her past self, Fensis, in dreams and sometimes talks with her - believing to speak with a different person than herself as Fensis acts a bit different to Gaia in her youth.