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1 year, 4 months ago


[ This is my Toyhouse Info Placeholder ]

GreaserDemonΒ is my MAIN accountΒ 
GreaserDeerΒ is my Trade/Sale account!


I block pedos/maps and scammers!
Everyone else is free to watch me, fav my characters,Β 
do business with me, chit-chat with me, yes even my haters B)!

[π•Ώπ–”π–žπ–π–”π–šπ–˜π–Š 𝕱𝖆𝖖]
  • Do you like to RP?
    Yeah I love to roleplay, hit me up if you're interested, I prefer private rpgs on discord!
  • Do you accept character friendships and/or pairings?
    Yes I always accept character friendships, and yes I accept pairings!
    My personal characters are mostly 'reserved' for thalliumfire, but
    you're still free to ask me about pairings them though! Some are not reserved.
  • Can I draw your characters?
    Of course, be sure to read my drawings permissions tab on the side though.
    It should look like this: screen
  • Do you still have proof of X cinnadog?
    It depends on how old the design is, I have designed many cinnadogs
    due to being a guest artist and doing a lot of cinnadog design trades in the past
    You're better off getting proof from their previous owners but you can still ask me just in case!
  • Did you design X character?
    Their isn't any design from me that is unwatermarked, I don't do that, I always give out the watermarked file.
    On the design should have a watermarkΒ that says: GD, GreaserDemon, llVitiatusll, ll-Vitiatus-ll, VT, PastelDeer, PD, or DeeryButt !Β 

    These are all my usernames I have a watermark of! This is how you know the design was by me.
    My current in use usernames/artist aliases are: GreaserDemon, GreaserDemonDesign, MetalMegaBat and GreaserDeer!

Note: If I ever clock out early; my ocs go to the grave with me, don't even fuckin try mate :^)